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%USEFUL RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS DOCTRINE PROFITABLE SIN 041230 %CAPITALIST DOMINEERING LEADERS ETERNAL LIVE DEATHS 041230 %POOR THIRSTY VULNERABLE DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE DEVIL 041223 %REWARD PUNISH CONFORMITY LOYALTY COLLUSION HUMBLED 041223 %FINAL SACRIFICE ORIGINAL SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE GUILTY 041223 %DEFERRED CAUSE EFFECT AFTER EARTHLY LIFE LOVER GOD 041223 Many religious teachings/doctrines have been used and abused by domineering people; e.g.: 1. The notion of rewards in heaven during an eternal life-after-death --- has been implicitly used by domineering religious-leaders to get vulnerable poor- people to wait until later to enjoy distributive-justice; letting domineering-religious-leaders have the benefits of distributive unjust concentrations of wealth, power, goods, etc.; NOW. 2. The notion of "original-sin" at birth associated with the messiness and "lack-of-control within sexual relationships --- has been used effectively by domineering religious-leaders to get vulnerable/poor people to accept and carry many and heavy burdens of blame, shame and guilt --- when leaders' domination, coercion, violence, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. have lead all toward personal/communal disintegrations. 3. The notion that the gods/God require sacrifices to compensate for human imperfections --- has been used effectively by domineering religious-leaders who claim to be "in-the-service" of the gods/God that require such sacrifices. 4. The notion that God is THE angry, omnipotent and eternal BEING in some mysterious and unverifiable location --- has been used effectively by domineering religious leaders: to intimidate and repress --- poor/vulnerable people into patterns of conformity, submission, sacrifice, service and blind loyalty under terms dictated by domineering-religious-leaders and thereby effectively concentrating: power, wealth, influence, works-of-art, works-of-law, etc. into the hands of the self-serving- domineering religious-leaders. 5. The notion that all real power is mysteriously concentrated in HEAVEN in the HANDS of a MANIPULATIVE Supreme Being whose essence is BEING-IN-CONTROL --- has long been comforting to DOMINEERING people who yearn to become BEINGS-IN-CONTROL in keeping with the conceptions of the nature of being right, righteous, successful, and conformed properly to the IDEAL-FORMS created by the SUPREME-CONTROLLER. Their GOD is on their side in the war between True-Lovers and Disintegrative-Domineering- Religious/Political Coalition-Builders. 6. The notion that ABSOLUTE-TRUTH is contained in ancient scripts and scriptures which can be interpreted righteously only by DOMINEERING-AUTHORITIES in ways which are independent of current-experiences of the majority of poor and vulnerable people --- does much to facilitate most wealth, power, influence, and technologies-of- control --- into the well-rewarded hands of domineering- religious leaders. 7. The notion that the GUY with the most POWER is a MALE who is able to CONTROL-EVERYTHING-AT-WILL has served males well in their efforts to be in control of females who tempt men to lose-control in meaningful intimate relationships with them --- has been a useful notion in polarizing the world into classes/casts of HAVES and HAVE- NOTS; MALES, and fe-MALES with the MALES having almost all the formal power within most religious institutions. 8. The notion that righteousness is to be achieved through conformity NOW to IDEAL-FORMS --- has been profitable to domineering-religious-leaders who have appointed themselves as keepers-of the IDEAL-FORMS for being human, intimate, sexual, in-control, right, righteous, saved, connected, together, redeemed, holders- of-tickets-into-heaven; LATER. 9. Domineering-religious-leaders have undermined the authority of common-human-experiences --- so that they can dominate through the manipulation of ancient scripts and scriptures which are most reliable --- because they were given by the IN-CONTROL-GOD before HE failed to keep HIS creatures in PROPER-CONFORMITY and HIS creatures got confused and unable to properly analyze their experiences. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================