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%INTEGRATIVE HEALTHY NORMAL NATURAL COOPERATIVE GOD 041229 %INTEGRITIES STAGES GROWTH MATURATION MATURE LOVERS 041229 %HONESTY AUTHENTICITY TRUE TRUTH ANGRY RAGE RESENT 041229 %KIND DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE CIVILITY HOSPITALITY SEX 041229 %INTIMACY KNOWLEDGE SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY RELIGION BAD 041229 %CONFORMITY PROPRIETY FORMALITY LAWS ORDERS LOYALTY 041229 Within each aspect of each individual person's life there are states-of-growth. So also within each aspect of each personal relationship. So within each aspect of: 1. Each individual person's life. 2. Each personal relationship. 3. Each family's developments. 4. Each neighborhood. 5. Each city. 6. Each province/county. 7. Each state/country. 8. Each nation/civilization. 9. Each culture/profession. 10. Each religion/faith-community. 11. Each communal-sanctuary. 12. Each intellectual-paradigm. 13. Each scientific-paradigm. 14. Each defensive-paradigm. 15. Each way of resisting-domination. 16. Each way of personal-integration. 17. Each way of communal-integration. 18. Each way of growing in personal-integrities. 19. Each way of growing in communal-integrities. 20. Each way of growing in cosmological-integrity. 21. Each way of growing in mythological-integrity. 22. Each other way of passing through: Stages-of-Growth. In each of the above processes of passing through a natural process of Stages-of-Growth there are normal patterns of sequence which are healthy, integrative, and naturally enjoyable; enjoyed by being-cooperative. In each of the above PASSing through "states" and "stages" of growth --- UNILATERAL-EFFORTS to be IN- CONTROL-OF, to SPEED-UP, to SLOW-DOWN, TO-DIVERT, TO-BLOCK any of the normal and natural PASSages --- violates integrities and so is violent. VIOLENCE is present in each form of VIOLATING-INTEGRITIES; e.g., in UNILATERAL-EFFORTS to: dominate, control, manage, take-advantage-of, block, divert, destroy, reform, conform, formalize, overwhelm, confuse, mis-lead, seduce, etc. To avoid the development of disintegrative: empires, dictators, coalitions, gangs, mob-rule, religions, states, cities, counties, neighborhoods, castes, private-clubs, professions, cults, etc. --- we need to understand and facilitate the normal/natural COOPERATIVE passages through all the different kinds of States-of-Growth; such as indicated above. DOMINEERING agents are NOT-COOPERATIVE! 1. We cannot force people to be cooperative. 2. We cannot force people through good stages of growth. 3. We cannot use VIOLENCE redemptively with integrity. 4. We cannot be COERCIVE redemptively with integrity. 5. We cannot UNILATERALLY facilitate stages of growth. 6. We cannot jump people over fearful stages of growth. 7. We cannot prematurely enforce any stage of growth. In COOPERATIVE-WAYS we can facilitate/encourage: 1. Cooperation. 2. Normal/natural stages of growth. 3. Integrations, redemption, forgiveness and healing. 4. Diverse forms of integrities and integrations. 5. The transcendence of violent/unilateral actions. 6. The transcendence of disintegrative fears. 7. Help people understand their Stages-of-Growth. Within each arena of growth within persons and communities there are many patterns which entail Stages- of-Growth. We need to cooperate in gaining better awareness of and understandings of how best to facilitate and encourage integrative-states-of-growth in each case. Our lives are Faith-Journeys in which we pass through many natural/normal stages of growth --- as regards our foci of: trust, understanding, hope, meaning, respect, and reverence --- as regards our diverse: ideals, values, principles, attitudes, assumptions, doctrines, myths, parables, cosmologies; families, friends, neighbors, true-lovers, patterns of domination, patterns of violence, leaders, heroes, villains, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================