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%HUMAN CONCEPTIONS CAUSE EFFECT RELATIONSHIPS FALL 041229 %ORIGINAL SIN DEVIL DISOBEY AUTHORITY CONFORMITY ID 041229 %INFANCY CHILD ADOLESCENCE ADULT OLD AGE STAGES GOD 041229 %TRINITY THEISTIC HEAVEN HELL SPACE TIME STAGES SEX 041229 %RESPONSIBILITY BLAME SHAME EXPLAIN CONFORM TRUTHS 041229 %ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY INVULNERABLE FUNDAMENTALS FORCE 041229 Humans' conceptions of cause-and-effect have passed through many stages. As individual people grow through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age they as individuals grow through similar stages of understanding cause-and-effect relationships. Depending upon which stage, or combination of stages, we are in; we will assign responsibility, blame, or otherwise understand what has happened, may happen, and what cannot happen in ways which conform to our current stage(s) of growth pertaining to cause-and-effect. Depending upon our circumstances some of the following will "make-sense" to us; or will seem to us to be utter nonsense. 1. The gods in heaven make lightning and thunder when they are not pleased with what we have done. 2. Everything which happens on earth is related to whatever the gods in heaven are doing; and vice-versa. 3. The roots of all cause-and-effect are to be found in the personal relationships among the gods and spirits in heaven and/or the spirits in Earth; good and evil ones. 4. Catastrophes on Earth are punishments by the gods for what men on earth have done; storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal-waves, plagues, wars, etc. 5. Who gets well and who dies depends upon how effectively people of power and influence pray and make sacrifices to the gods, to humans in power, to religious leaders, to political leaders, to domineering people, etc. 6. Many diseases are caused by tiny organisms called variously: germs, bacteria, protesoa, prions, viruses, molds, etc. 7. Other diseases are related to irregularities in our DNA genetic codes. 8. Other diseases are related to unresolved conflicts within communities. 9. Storms are caused by how energy from the sun and the interior of the earth affect bodies of water and air; and by how energy is radiated out into the incredibly vast and cold inter-stellar spaces far from stars. 10. There are utterly reliable descriptive laws of nature which say accurately how physical processes progress through well defined stages of evolution. 11. There are corresponding utterly reliable descriptive laws which say accurately how spiritual processes progress through well defined stages of evolution. 12. There is only one God, not a multitude of gods. 13. God does not change, no matter what else changes. 14. Humans understandings of God are changeless. 15. Ancient humans' understandings of God were more reliable than modern depraved humans' understandings of God; we must trust ancient scriptures, not depraved humans. 16. Modern science is eliminating all ancient superstitions which are utterly unreliable. 17. The key to human health is cleaning, washing, purification-rituals, thought-purity, spiritual-purity, believing-true-doctrine, eating-ritually-pure-foods, purity-of-desires, using-modern-disinfectants, getting- immunizations-shots, taking-proper-medicines, getting annual physical exams, making-proper-religious-professions and much much more. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================