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%GREAT PEOPLE AFFIRM POSITIVE NEGATIVE DENIGRATE 041108 %KILLERS DEFEAT SPECTRUMS COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS GOD 041108 %WAR ATTACK KINDNESS GENTLENESS CIVILITY ARROGANCE 041108 %TRUE LOVERS DOMINATION SYSTEM COERCIVE SUCCESS SIN 041108 %LOSERS WINNERS RESPECT HONOR REVERENCE IDOL FALLEN 041108 %POOR VULNERABLE HUNGRY THIRSTY HOMELESS DISEASED 041108 Great people are known for: 1. What they have affirmed in positive terms, not 2. What they have denigrated in negative terms. 3. With whom they have truly cooperated, not 4. Whom they have denigrated, defeated or killed. 5. Their spectrums of complementary truths, not 6. Their support for a few mutually exclusive truths. 7. Their kindness, gentleness and civility, not 8. How arrogant, dominant, coercive & violent they were. 9. How well they worked to truly resolve conflicts, not 10. How unilaterally they tried to destroy evil people. 11. How well informed they were through true-dialogue, 12. How completely they dominated events & perceptions. 13. How well they promoted distributive justice, not 14. How completely they dominated retributive justice. 15. How well they mitigated the destructions of wars, not 16. How many wars the initiated, lead, and "won". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================