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%OUR REAL ENEMIES MERIT PRUDENT FEAR WELL INFORMED 041107 %RECOGNIZE COMMON ALIENATION POLARIZATION ARROGANT 041107 %IGNORANCE PREJUDICE ARROGANCE SELF RIGHTEOUS JUST 041107 %TRUST SUSPECT DIFFERENT BELIEFS WEAPONS GENEROUS 041107 %WINNERS LOSERS CONFLICTS CONTENTIOUS COMPETITION 041107 %ABSENCE COOPERATE HOSPITALITY REDEMPTIVE VIOLENCE 041107 Daily we need to recognize the nature of our common REAL-ENEMIES that truly merit prudent-fear which is well- informed, wise, mature and leads to healthy integrations. Our common REAL-ENEMIES include but are not limited to: 1. Alienation from our neighbors around the world. 2. Polarizations which are driven by our alienation. 3. Ignorance, prejudice, arrogance, self-righteousness. 4. Labeling people who are "different" as enemies. 5. Trusting Domination-Systems of alienative-controls. 6. Trusting disintegrative beliefs and weapons. 7. Trusting distributive-injustice as our friend. 8. Trusting beliefs that we are superior people. 9. Trusting EITHER/OR questions, answers and responses. 10. Trusting the Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence. 11. Believing that we cannot win without others losing. 12. Denigrating people whom we have alienated from us. 13. Collusive games of mutual self deception and fear. 14. Our various forms of hubris and self-confidence. 15. The absence of cooperation, hospitality & civility. 16. Indifference toward suffering by vulnerable people. 17. Indifference toward disintegrative human behaviors. 18. Paralysis due to fear, chaos, and alienation. 19. Believing we can destroy EVIL in graceless ways. 20. Being suspicious of True-Lovers who show integrity. 21. The absence of generosity and power-sharing. 22. Alienative-concentrations of wealth-and-power. 23. The absence of true-sanctuaries/communal-hospitals. 24. The absence of concern for personal integrities. 25. The absence of concern for communal integrities. 26. The absence of thinking/dialogue about the above. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================