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%CREATIVE ORIGINALITY ORIGINAL SIN ALIENATION GOOD 040910 %KNOWLEDGE WHOSE EVIL RELATIONSHIP PURITY SEPARATE 040910 %FORBIDDEN TREE MIDDLE GARDEN HEAVEN EDON REJECTION 040910 %PRESCRIBED PROSCRIBED COMMANDED DEMANDED EXCLUSIVE 040910 %POSESSIONS CONTROLLED DOMINATION CONFORMITY GREED 040910 %SEXUAL INTIMACY TRUE LOVERS COOPERATION REBELLIONS 040910 Domineering people try to control each other through threats of humanly contrived punishments --- while they themselves rebel against such threats by each other --- ostensibly designed to produce respected but unwelcomed conformity. Domineering people osensibly work to promote the common good; but they work against each other in ways which promote evil-relationships of rebelling against conformal achievements which which are not expected to involve any cooperation. Domineering people do not talk with each other openly and honestly about the bitter fruits of their own: alienation, estrangement, rejections, exclusivity, excommunications. Domineering people pretend that the bitter fruits can be used to achieve "good" effects. Domineering people have no honest and coherent procedure by which they test to see if their expectations of sweet fruits from good-conformity are well confirmed by any kind of systems-analysis of real-human-experiences. Domineering people avoid focusing upon honesty, coherent-procedures, integrations, integrities, systems- analysis, mutuality, balance, distributive-justice, right- relationships, humane-relationships, communal-health, and shalom --- because any such focus would expose their own lacks in these realms of humane civilizations. Domineering people fall and fail to facilitate or promote any true form of coherence, unity, cooperation or integrity --- because they do not seek to facilitate or promote any true form of coherence, unity, cooperation, or integrity. They work to prevent and avoid the collapse of "The Domination System" which entails no true honesty, coherence, unity, cooperation or integrity. Through tragic efforts they fall and fail in their futile efforts which involve virtually no originality in their disintegrative life-styles and relationships. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================