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%JACK JILL TRULY FALL LOVE WITHOUT MAINTAINING GOD 040905 %CONSTANT DEDICATE KIND BALANCE BETWEEN WISE SAFETY 040905 %PRUDENT INFORMED IGNORANCE SANCTUARY INTIMATE EVIL 040905 %ADDICTIVE CODEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP RISK MANAGEMENT 040905 %DIVERSE DIEASES IMPOSSIBLE HOPES MIRACLES HEAAVEN 040905 %NARROW TRAINING SPECIALIZATION SUPERIOR BEING GOOD 040905 Jack and Jill cannot truly fall in Love without constantly maintaining a delicate/kind balance between wise-caution and informed-balance; between building-their- own-sanctuary for intimate-relationships and balanced- risk-management as regards addictive/codependent relationships, carless-ignorance, diverse-diseases, trying-the-impossible, hoping-for-healing, reaching-for- heaven, and avoiding disintegrative-hells. Young-people who are not well informed about the risks of falling-in-love --- cannot safely cooperate with each other in risk-management. Young people who are narrowly trained to engage in risk-management through trusting-most-fears-of-being-vulnerable --- cannot truly- give-themselves to each other with-in trusting- relationships of mutually-arrived-at-balance --- between seeking-security in healing-hospitality-and-civility VERSUS seeking-safety within secure-invulnerability. Traditional communities all too often encourage their young people to seek security-through-coercive-and- violent resistance-against the controls of domineering people who have been labeled as being evil-enemies. Young people are too often trained in the disciplines of warriers who do not trust each other's attempts to initiate intimate-friendships which are motivated by Love through desires for mutually fulfilling intimacies. How then can they safely trust Love and Truly fall in Love? Can they do so in the absence of nonviolent-resistance against domineering people of all kinds? Is nonviolent RESISTANCE truly possible? How? How are young people to reliably learn how to distinguish between True-Lovers who can truly be truested; and others who are misguided by the fallen principles and principalities: of domination, control, and winning through their trust in a preponderance-of-forces-and- technologies? Why should they NOT trust the Myth-Of- Redemptive-Violence? How are young people to distinguish between self- confident and arrogant-leaders who are certain that they are right, righteous, and on their sure-way-to-heaven --- because they know the-absolue-whole-truth; and the meek who humbly-cooperate with each other in the revealing- light of mutually-complementary-partial-truths that are well-integrated? How are tragically-alienated and coercively-powerful dominant-people to learn how to regain their balance, integrity, health and dedications to civility and hospitality --- following tragic-wars of mutual-suspicion, mutually-assured-distrust and mutually-assured-destruction --- maintained because they have long trusted their coalitions, weapons and technocratic-ways? How are True- Lovers to be recognized, honored, empowered and trusted within such a chaotic context? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================