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%GRACIOUS HONEST RESISTANCE SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER 040902 %RISK LOSING LIFE PROBABLE HIGH LEVEL TRUE LOVERS 040902 %IMPOSSIBLE ACHIEVEMENT SECURITY INVULNERABILITY GO 040902 %LETTING SELF OTHERS RELAX RECOVER RECONCILE HEALTH 040902 %SHALOM PEACEMAKERS CONFLICT RESOLUTION QUESTION IT 040902 %I-THOU EVIL RELATIONSHIPS ALIENATION DISMISS DEVIL 040902 Does RESISTANCE which-is-non-violent always entail the risk-of-being-killed? With what level of probability? A high-level-of-probability? If so, why so? Is it impossible to engage in RESISTANCE which-is- non-violent --- when the risk-of-being-killed is essentially zero? If so, why so? Might it be that non-violent-resistance is dismissed as impractical because people have not thought through the above kinds of questions --- and so have not responded to the above kinds of questions thoughtfully. In fact it is often possible to RESIST some domineering efforts of domineering-people --- in ways which entail no violence; e.g., by: 1. Studying the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Ghandi, M.L. King, Nelson Mandella, and others of like kind, especially their teachings about RESISTANCE which is not violent. 2. Studying the nature of the attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and thought patterns of bullies when they are young and as they grow more sofisticated as domineering people --- using covert, overt, or tacit forms of coercion and violence. 3. Studying how people's patterns of religious bliefs and rituals relate to how well they relate to different people whom they do not know well? 4. Studying the SUCCESSFUL NON-VIOLENT-REVOLUTIONS in places like: India regarding independence from Great Britain, the USA Civil-Rights-Revolution regarding segregation, The South African Revolution regarding segregation; and non-violent revolutions against dictatorial goverments in Poland and the Philapines, as some of the most outstanding examples. In each case there were extensive educational and training preparations before each success story. 5. Studying the relative costs to all those affected --- in instances of violent-revolutions compared to non- violent as compared to non-violent-revolutions? 6. Studying transitions between revolutions of violent-resistance into the evolution of democratic-forms- of-goverment --- where conflicts are resolved through the election of representatives by large fractions of the people in each extended community. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================