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%START RECOVERY PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL COMMUNAL SICK 040901 %DISEASE PLAGUE PHYSIOLOGICAL MENTAL PLAGUE ATTACKS 040901 %NONVIOLENCE CONTROL DOMINATION INVULNERABILITY SIN 040901 %TERRORISM EXTREMISM MODERATION ALIENATED ESTRANGED 040901 %STAGES GROWTH MATURATION DIALOGUE COMMUNICATION 040901 %SECURITY SANCTUARY PRIVACY RIGHTS FREE SPEACH TALK 040901 There are well recognized patterns in the ONSET of many diseases of individuals who become PHYSIOLOGICALLY diseased due to some bacteria, virus, mould, prion, etc. --- and of plagues which involve substantial fractions of a whole population becoming infected in a like manner. Similarly there are well recognized patterns in the RECOVERY from many diseases contracted by individuals who became PHYSIOLOGICALLY diseased to to some bacteria, virus, mould, prion, etc. --- and of plagues which have involved substantial fractions of a whole population which has become infected in a like manner --- even though many individuals die. What are the parallel realities in instances of MENTAL ILLNESSES, people being ill-at-ease, alienated, estranged, trying-to-be-invulnerable, or sucessfully: defensive, invulnerable, arrogant, self-righteous, etc? What are the stages of persona/communal growth, integration, decay, and/or recovery from both individual and COMMUNAL MENTAL-DISEASES? How can personal and communal RECOVERY be facilitated and promoted in instances of mass hysteria, collusive-games-of-mutual-self- deception, addictions, codependence etc? Central to RECOVERY must be efforts to facilitate and promote: honesty, authenticity, clarity, learning, reconciliation, healing, cooperation, mutual-understanding, etc. Domineering people are not qualified to preside over such efforts --- because domineering people are dedicated to undermine and subvert such efforts. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================