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%EXTREMISTS DOMINEERING UNBALANCED COURSHIPS LOVERS 040901 %MUTUAL COERCION VIOLENCE TERRORISTS METHODS DEVILS 040901 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS MISLEADING QUESTIONS ESSENTIALS 040901 %FOUNDATIONS ENCOURAGE COOPERATION COLABORATION GOD 040901 %PREPONDERANCE FORCEFUL CONFORMITY IDEALS FORMS SEX 040901 %SURVIVAL FITTEST DOMINEERING TRUE LOVERS COMMANDS 040901 In courtships potential True-Lovers seek to encourage each other to cooperate with each other in the building of truly integrative relationships --- in the absence of domination, controls, violence, dishonesty, pretentions, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. They seek common ground that can serve as the essential foundations for their future personal and communal integrities. They do not seek to promote conformity, formalities, or mutually exclusive ideal-forms. They seek to do all that they can do cooperatively to insure the survival of their kind; i.e. the survival of True-Lovers as an enduring "Species". While individuals do not survive as the fittest individuals, the "Species" True-Lovers do survive more frequently than do violent domineering people. In violenct conflicts domineering people seek to force each other to conform to each other's standards within prescribed relationships --- in the absence of honesty and right-relationships. They seek invulnerabilty which "can" serve as the essential foundation for their exclusive personal and/or communal securities. They do not seek to promote personal or communal integrities in creative new ways. They seek to do all that they "can" do independently to insure the survival of themselves as dominant individuals, as "superior" individuals alone. Because they all work to eliminate and destroy domineering individuals other-than-themselves; domineering people do succeed in preventing the survival of their generation of domineering people --- but lay the foundations for the evolution of yet another generation of disintegrated youths into a new generation of disintegrative adults as loyal supporters of "The Myth of Redemptive Violence" and IT'S "DOMINATION SYSTEM" of coercion, controls, violence, wars, and decay. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================