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%CONFORMITY HIGH STANDARDS BOUNDARIES GUIDELINES 040809 %LAWS MORALITY CODES COMMANDMENTS PRESCRIPTIONS 040809 %WORLDVIEWS COSMOLOGY MYTHS TALK ACTION DEEDS DOER 040809 %INHUMANE INVULNERABL RELATIONSHIPS PERFECT PURITY 040809 %NATURAL CAUSES EFECTS CONSEQUENCES ARTIFICIAL GOD 040809 %ALIENATION EXCOMMUNICATION NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE 040809 Living in terms of "high-standards" can mean a wide variety of things to a variety of people with different world-views: 1. Talking-much about "high-standards" --- without giving much attention to the nature-of and effects-of how oneself participates in humane and/or inhumane relationships with vulnerable people. 2. Focusing-compulsively upon how perfectly others conform to some set of articulated-standards --- without giving much attention to the nature of and the natural- effects-of how oneself-participates within truly-humane and/or in-humame relationships with vulnerable-people. 3. Focusing-much-attention upon perfecting some standard set of prescriptions and proscriptions --- without giving much attention to the nature of and the effects of how oneself-participates in truly-humane and/or in-humame relationships with vulnerable people. Within the above framework, diversity may have to do with the character of the standards which are the focus of attention. There may be: 1. Standards about OBJECTIVE-BEHAVIORS having to do with: foods, clothing, travel, cleaning, spending, saving, investing, borrowing, charging-interest, giving, talking, writing, viewing, reading, meetings, associations, etc. 2. Standards about SUBJECTIVE-BEHAVIORS having to do with public and/or private: thoughts, desires, fears, beliefs, doctrines, emotions, dreaming, fantasies, temptations, etc. 3. Standards pertaining to REFLEXIVE-BEHAVIORS and the virtues and vices which govern REFLEXIVE-BEHAVIORS; e.g., reverence, honesty, openness, authenticity, kindness, gentleness, civility, hospitality, generosity, personal-integrity, communal-integrity, tolerance, etc. 4. Patterns of demanding conformity to external standards associated with intolerance toward creative and gracious people who dance to a different-drummer and/or dance to different-music in graceful ways which are not governed by rules of conformity. 5. Patterns of demanding loyalty to the goals and purposes defined by particular domineering leaders, and NOT-TOLERATING ANY-TOLERANCE towards creative and gracious departures from such conformity. 6. Patterns of symbolic-rituals which are not connected in any coherent way to the natural-consequences of behaving in ways which are governed-by purely- symbolic-rituals and patterns-of-avoidance of symbolic- pollution. 7. Overt and/or tacit threats of excommunication, shunning, exclusion, reductions-of-powers, etc. of ALL non-conformists --- to motivate conformity on the part of the vast majority of the members of the community. Domineering-people often pretend that they are living according to "high-standards" during the time that they are dominating-vulnerable people. Such pretense can be used non-violently against them by RESISTANCE WHICH IS NOT VIOLENT. Honest-victims who demonstrate personal integrity can help other honest victims who demonstrate personal and communal integrity --- to unmask the pretense of domineering-people who are pretending to be responsible --- and therby rob them of the power which they have acquired pretentiously. That is the non- violent-way of: Jesus, Gandhi, M.L. King, Nelson Mandella, etc. --- where more-than-half of those involved benefit through cooperation. In violent confrontations at-least-half of those involved lose; all-those-on-the losing-side of the conflict --- plus many on the winning side of the conflict --- to varying degrees. Only a small fraction of the citizens on the winning side of any conflict truly come-out-ahead of where thy would had been if there had been non-violent conflict resolution through carful planning and training. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================