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%ULTIMATE CONCERNS IDOLATRY LOYAL FAITHFUL SERVANT 040619 %DOMINATION SYSTEM NON-VIOLENT PEACEMAKING EFFORTS 040619 %TRUE LOVERS RESISTANCE FEARFUL INTIMACY SEXUALITY 040619 %FRIENDSHIPS OPEN MARRIAGES SAFE VULNERABILITY EVIL 040619 %PLEASURES PURITAN PURITY PERFFECTION HEAVENS HELLS 040619 %TABO REWARD PUNISH COERCE REPRESS SUPPRESS MASKED 040619 In the following it is to be remembered that not all forms of violence entail physical-violence. Some forms of violence entail: financial-coercion, educational- coercion, sexual-seduction, promoting-addictions, theological-seduction, technocratic-seduction, etc. Violence violates-integrities and/or integrations. Physical-violence is only the most obvious, objective and overt form of violence. Remembering the above inclusive view of what is included in violent-behavior; consider the following dozen observations: The Non-Violent Peacemaking-Efforts of True-Lovers In-Love are Resisted-In-Violent-Ways by Fearful- Domineering-People In-The-Service-OF-The-Domination-System BECAUSE: 1. True-Intimacy, True-Non-Violence, and Truly- Safe-Vulnerability within True-Sanctuaries --- UNMASK the Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- which are presumed by Domineering-People to be THEIR-keys to THEIR- OWN Security at-the-expense-of "different-people" who-are- isolated. (Who isolated them?) 2. The-Ultimate-Concerns of Domineering-People who are the Most-Faithful-Servants/Idolaters of "The- Domination-System" --- pertain to Keeping-Their-Masks In- Place! (Who put the masks on?) 3. For "The-Integrity" = "The-Coherence" of "The- Domination-System" to-be-maintained "so-that-it-will-be" "eternal", "omnipotent", and "concentrated-with-ultimate- power" --- The-Masks-Must-Be-Kept-On! 4. Isolated "Different-People" are presumed by Dominant-People to be "Foci-Of-Evil", "Inherently-Evil" and as such are Worthy-of-Destruction once-they-have-been excommunicated-and-labeled by "The-Proper-Authorities". 5. Domineering people "eat-daily" of "The-fruit-of- the-FORBIDDEN-Tree-of-The-Knowledge-of-WHO-is-GOOD and WHO-is-EVIL". 6. True-Intimacy, True-Non-Violence, True- Cooperation, True-Collaboration, True-civility, True- Hospitality, True-Peace-Making and Truly-Safe- Vulnerability --- are UNTHINKABLE, UNIMAGINABLE, TABOO, and never truly-considered in any way whatsoever --- when in the faithful service of THE-DOMINATION-SYSTEM!! 7. The-Domination-System's pattern of controlled- rewards-and-punishments must be kept-in-place as the only truly-honored foundation for MANAGABLE-MOTIVATIONS to be manipulated faithfully in the service of "The-Domination- System" --- else ITS-Essential-Foundations will be undermined! 8. Common-People's TRUE: instincts, desires, hopes, aspirations, visions, dreams, fantasies and intimacies cannot-be-trusted --- for their HONESTY will undermine The-Essential-Foundations of The-Domination-System. 9. The-Essential-Foundations of Personal-and- Communal Integrities-and-Integrations cannot be trusted --- BECAUSE they will Shake-the-Foundations of The- Domination-System. 10. The-Common-People's Power-to-Be True-to-Them- selves and Power-To-Be True-to-Different-Others will Shake-the-Foundations of The-Domination-System --- so their civil-rights-must-be-abridged while-we-all are in- the-service-of The-Domination-System. 11. Thoughts contrary to those above are terrifying and engaged in only by terrorists who are enemies of our Great-State-of-Fear. 12. Only Fools-In-Love will question any of the above, or question any of the PROPER thoughts related to the PROPER consideration of the above! Great and eternal is our GOD, "The-Domination- System", which motivates, drives, and guides --- all of our DOMINANT-PATTERNS of: attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, convictions, priorities, politics, institutionalized-religions, "objective-analysis" and technocratic-manipulations. No more can or should be said! Be silent! Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================