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%TRAPS ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT EVIL RELATIONS GOD 040611 %DIVERSE MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE PATTERNS ATTITUDES SIN 040611 %NEGATIVE POSITIVE FEED BACK LOOP DEEPEN BLACK HOLE 040611 %AUGMENT EXISTING DEVILS CONDITIONS CONSTRAINTS SIN 040611 %BIASED PREJUDICED SYSTEMS ANALYSIS LIMITED NARROWS 040611 %HARD TO RECOGNIZE FACTOR CAUSE EFFECT RELATIONSHIP 040611 There are diverse, yet "mutually supportive", patterns of attitudes, beliefs, convictions and behaviors which lead people into deepening traps of: alienation, estrangement, and evil relationships. To escape from such deepening traps we need to recognize the traps, their differences and their similarities. 1. Each-Trap entails negative-feed-back-loops which work to deepen the trap in what many scientists call a "positive-feed-back-loop" --- because each such feed-back- loop works to augment conditions which are- present. (To such scientists a negative-feed-back-loop is one which works to mitigate the conditions which are-present.) To such scientists the word "positive" and the word "negative" are associated respectively with "growth-of- the-condition" and "mitigation-of-the-condition"; rather than with any inherent positive-aspect, or negative-aspect of the condition. 2. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize, in part because of the above linguistic-confusion associated with the nature-of-the-feed-back-effect and/or the desirability and/or the offensive-aspect of the effect. 3. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize as such, because there are often many traditional patterns of respected thoughts which encourage dysfunctional/dishonest sorts of "Systems-Analysis" --- that systematically-mis-represent what-is-good-and what-is-evil; what is true-and-what-is- false; e.g., collusions, addictions and codependencies. 4. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize, because power- coalitions concentrate-power-without-limits and so promote corruption-without-limit --- in ways which obscure what- is-good-and what-is-evil; what is true-and-what-is-false; i.e., collusions, addictions and codependencies. 5. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize, because of the tension between: (a) individual human's efforts to protect themselves and their own welfare greedily-as-isolated- individuals --- and (b) individual human's wiser- recognitions that ultimately security resides in cooperative-humane- behavior-patterns which entail: generosity, sharing, giving, accepting, receiving, hospitality, civility, kindness, and open-and-honest- intimacies entailing complexly-managed-risks-of- vulnerability within safe-sanctuaries-for-all-to-enjoy. 6. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize, because Each- Trap entails tacit, implicit and hidden support for much that is entailed in Each-Other-Trap; i.e., there-are-no- clear- boundaries between Traps. The traps are as it were, Black-Holes-without-boundaries-between-them. (In reality the latter is a physical impossibility.) 7. To say that "There are diverse, yet mutually supportive, patterns of attitudes, beliefs, convictions and behaviors which lead people into deepening traps of: alienation, estrangement, and evil relationships." IS TO SAY SOMETHING WHICH SEEMS LOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE --- and so it seems impossible for there to be "Diverse-Traps" as suggested. 8. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize --- because --- to recognize any such trap is to violate the Ultimate- Concerns-and-Commandments of "The Domination System" with its "Multi-National-Military-Industrial-Complex" --- that is thoughtlessly promoted by its many religious, scientific, mythological, and cosmological "believers" and "supporters". 9. Each-Trap is hard-to-recognize --- because many of the "Good-Laws" which promote the stability of "Law- and-Order" are tied up in the Collusive-Games-of-Mutual- Self-Deception related to: women-and-children-regarded- as-property-for-men-to-manage, sexual-slavery, minorities- as-slaves, blacks-as-slaves, priests-as-superiors, scholars-as-superiors, texts-as-superior, scripts-as- superior, scriptures-as-ultimate-authorities, religious- institutions-as-ultimate-authorities, property-owners-as- superiors, capitalism-as-superior, objectivity-as- superior, science-as-superior, and domination-as-the- means-to-superiority. The factors which often make Each-Trap hard do deal with usually interfere with open, honest, and clear: communications, thinking, analysis, memory, integration, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================