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%REAL WORLD TRAGIC DRAMAS CAST SUPPORTING ROLES SIN 040527 %STAGE HANDS DOMINEERING ACTORS VICTIMS POOR PEOPLE 040527 %WRITING SCRIPTURES SETTINGS DIRECTING PROMPTINGS 040527 %CONTENTIOUS DEBATES BATTLES ENCOUNTERS CRITIQUES 040527 %WILLING PARTICIPANTS OBJECTIVE DYSFUNCTION RELATED 040527 %NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE SUBVERSION RECONCILE LOVERS 040527 Domineering-people often seek to "cast" other people into "supporting-roles" within their "private-dramas" on their real-stage-of-life. The Domineering-people tacitly attempt to be simultaneously: (1) Writing-the-script, (2) Setting-the-stage, (3) Directing-the-drama, (4) Prompting- their-assigned-actors and (5) Critiquing-the-production. Not all "actors" on OUR real-stage-of-life are willing participants who are "supportive" of domineering- people. However, some "actors" do not know how to resist- domination-non-violently; and so they try to resist- domination-violently --- in the manner of domineering people; copying their domineering: attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, convictions, etc. --- except for who SHOULD-BE- DOMINANT-AND-IN-CONTROL. None of the dominant-people end up happy with how the real-life-drama "plays-out" --- because none of them really win-in-full-self-fulfillment at-the-full-expense- of-all-the-other-domineering-people whom they try to control-and/or-dominate. Many people object to being assigned roles as: 1. Victims of abuse/domination. 2. The fools, idiots, poor-people, homeless, etc. 3. Foot soldiers in the Evil-Enemy-Army. 4. Civilians embedded in the Evil-Enemy-Army. 5. Peacemakers working in the Evil-Enemy-Nation. 6. Different-religious-leaders who are "enemies". 7. Evil-Reconcilers-and-Healers who are destroyed. 8. Doomed-to-failure-debaters in rigged contests. 9. Paper-tigers to be shoot for sport. 10. True-Lovers who are cast as Traitors-in-Love. The whole-production is an unintentional-real-world: farce, parody, burlesque, mockery, sham, caricature, travesty, tragedy and/or another related contrast to well- integrated-humane-relationships and personal-integrities. Many of the participants in the production do not know how to step-out-of-character-within-the-tragedy; how to escape all of their futile efforts to be "in-control-of" and/or "dominant-over" all other participants. When someone like Jesus, Gandhi, M.L. King or Nelson Mandella comes on their stage the domineering people regard them as contestants in their battles for the concentration of power in support of Their/God's "Good- Causes" lead by "Good-People" who are in "Good-Conflict" with "Evil-People" who are in the service of "The Devil". Very few of the participants recognize that virtually all of the fruits of their efforts are "Bitter-Fruits" for all who eat of their "Tree-of-The-Knowledge-of-Who-is- Evil-and-Who-is-Good." They often think it is God's Will that the Garden be destroyed before it can be re-decorated for good. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================