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%IDENTIFY LABEL ESSENCE DEVIL ISOLATION INDIVIDUAL 040526 %REALITIES ISOLATED OBJECTIONS CONTENTIONS ABSOLUTE 040526 %TRUTHS TRUTHFUL LOVERS AUTHENTICITY ARROGANCE SINS 040526 %SELF RIGHTEOUS CONTEXTS PERSONAL INTEGRITIES IDOLS 040526 %THEOLOGY GODS TALK RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS CHURCHES 040526 %JEWS CHRISTIANS MUSLIM SALVATION HELL HEAVEN SAVED 040526 The ESSENCE-OF-EVIL is not found in ISOLATED- INDIVIDUAL realities; e.g., is NOT found in ISOLATED- INDIVIDUAL: objects, inanimate-things, animals, people, images, pictures, paintings, idols, ideas, ideals, values, visions, dreams, desires, hopes, aspirations, fears, etc. Controlling, dominating and/or destroying such realities will not reduce or eliminate EVIL. The ESSENCE-0F-EVIL is not found even in COLLECTIONS-OF-ISOLATED-INDIVIDUAL realities; e.g., is NOT found in: armies, terrorists, or other related organized efforts. Controlling, dominating and/or destroying such realities will not reduce or eliminate EVIL. The ESSENCE-OF-EVIL is found within the context of RELATIONSHIPS which entail some unilaterally-enforced: ISOLATIONS, SEPARATIONS, SEQUESTRATIONS, SECLUSIONS, DETACHMENTS, PARTITIONS, DIFFERENTIATIONS, DIVISIONS, DISTINCTIONS, DISCRIMINATIONS, SEGREGATIONS; CASTES, ORDERS, LABELS, EXCOMMUNICATIONS; LONELINESS, ESTRANGEMENTS, ALIENATIONS, EXCLUSIONS, REJECTIONS, SHUNNINGS; INTENTIONS, EXPECTATIONS, DEMANDS, COMMANDS, etc. To mitigate EVIL we must improve the qualities of our RELATIONSHIPS by reducing the our emphasis upon just above unilaterally-enforced realities. The ESSENCE-OF-EVIL is NOT found outside of the contexts of personal RELATIONSHIPS. Because of the above --- the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL is found within the contexts of RELATIONSHIPS which demonstrate THE-ABSENCE-OF: COOPERATION, COLLABORATION, MUTUAL- UNDERSTANDING, DIALOGUE, LISTENING; HONESTY, HUMILITY, AUTHENTICITY; PERSONAL-INTEGRITIES, COMMUNAL-INTEGRITIES, HEALTH, HEALING, FORGIVENESS, RECONCILIATION, DIPLOMACY, PATIENCE, SANCTUARIES; INTIMACIES, FRIENDSHIPS, TRUE- LOVERS, SHALOM, SHARING, GENEROSITY, GIVING, ACCEPTING, PEACEMAKING, GENTILENESS, NON-VIOLENT-RESISTANCE, KINDNESS, etc. Attempts to identify and label the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL outside of the contexts of personal RELATIONSHIPS --- engender EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS within-the-context-of-which the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL may be found. Even so --- the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL is still NOT found and identified outside of the contexts of defective personal RELATIONSHIPS. In their efforts to identify the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL outside of the contexts of personal RELATIONSHIPS --- domineering people create the kinds of personal RELATIONSHIPS which demonstrate the ESSENCE-OF-EVIL within defective personal RELATIONSHIPS. BEWARE of DETACHED hypothetical-abstract-realities which are invented/conceived within the contexts of sophisticated GOD-TALK --- to explain other some puzzling realities --- in the absence of clear existential ways of confirming, demonstrating and/or experiencing the connections of common-people's existential realities to the hypothetical-abstract-realities. Such DETACHED hypothetical-abstract-realities do not promote mutual- understanding, cooperation, collaboration, healing, reconciliation, integrities, etc. --- so long as they are OUT-OF-TOUCH with the existential realities of common- people's daily lives. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================