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%IDENTIFY IDENTITY QUESTION ASK GOOD EVIL ENEMY GOD 040520 %SURRENDER INDIVIDUAL ISOLATED PEOPLE ALIENATED SEX 040520 %REALITY DOMINATION SYSTEM COLLUSIVE GAME DECEPTION 040520 %CODEPENDENT ARROGANCE RIGHTEOUS SELF OTHER SICKEN 040520 %ALIENATION EXCOMMUNICATION PURIFY PURITY CODES LAW 040520 %CONFLICT RESOLUTION PEACEMAKING SHALOM HEALTH HEAL 040520 To ask the questions: A. Who is Good? B. Who is Evil? C. Who are our Enemies? Is to surrender to all of our enemies. People are not our real enemies! "Who" is the wrong word with which to start the key question. "WHAT are our enemies?" is a far more helpful question to ask. Our real enemies include the following, but are not limited to the following: 1. Our Domination Systems. 2. Our Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception. 3. Our Addictions and Codependent Relationships. 4. Our Arrogance and Self-Righteousness. 5. Our Unilateral Patterns of Behavior. 6. Our Alienations and Excommunications 7. Our Mental and Physiological Diseases. 8. Our Ignorance and Prejudice. 9. Our Confusion and Chaos. 10. Our Coercion and Violence. 11. Our Wars and Terrorism. 12. Our Contentiousness and Greed. 13. Our Narcissism and Egotism. 14. Our Fearful Defenses. 15. Our Visions of Unilateral Invulnerability. 16. Our Misleading Beliefs and Certainties. 17. Our Misleading Visions of Achieving Salvation. 18. Our Believing Salvation can be achieved. 19. Our Focus exclusively on our own salvation. 20. Our Neglecting/ignoring complementary truths. 21. Our Neglecting/ignoring complementary people. 22. Our Neglecting/ignoring complementary rights. 23. Our Patterns of exclusivity and rejections. 24. Our Viewing isolated people as inherently evil. 25. Our Viewing "different-people" as evil. 26. Our Viewing ourselves as inherently good/better. 27. Our Thinking/feeling in terms of dichotomies. 28. Our Being blind to rainbows of colors. 29. Our Preoccupations with certainties. 30. Our Exclusions of possibilities/probabilities. 31. Our preoccupations with ideal conformity. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================