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%AVOID PERSONAL COMMUNAL ALIEANTION EXCOMMUNICATION 040421 %RESOLVE CONFLICTS TRAGIC CYCLES MISGUIDED CONSIDER 040421 %BITTER SWEET FRUIT MUCH PUBLIC ATTENTION NEWS EVIL 040421 %GOOD INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE BLAME SHAME GUILT LABEL GOD 040421 %POLITICLA RELIGIOUS ARROGANCE SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS 040421 %PROJECT EXPORT EXTERNALIZE OBJECTIFY REFLEXIVE SIN 040421 Peoples' efforts to resolve conflicts and/or eliminate war have often been tragically misguided; i.e., focused upon considerations other than the following considerations which would bear far sweeter fruit than have the considerations which have traditionally received much public attention. Traditional considerations have focused upon: 1. Blaming and/or guilting ostensibly "evil": isolated individuals; isolated minority groups of people; ideals, values, principles, goals; thoughts, visions, fantasies, etc. 2. Identifying: "forces" which are "out-there" in nature, "principalities", "powers", "angels" to blame, "unchangeable" aspects of history or the cosmos, "unchangeable" aspects of "God's Will", 3. Laws of nature/evolution which we cannot change, 4. Genetic considerations which we cannot change, 5. Consequences of cosmic-ray-damage to tissues. All of the above are safely outside of the realm of what we-can-influence and be-responsible-for; and so are preferred over considerations within the realm of what we-can influence and be-responsible-for. Avoiding considerations of what is within the realm of what we can influence and be-responsible-for --- is a very effective way of ostensibly avoiding blame, shame, guilt, failure, etc. --- while laying the foundations for blame, shame, guilt, failure, tragedy, personal-disintegrations and communal disintegrations. We will do well to consider the following kinds of considerations which are well within the realms of what- we-can influence and be-responsible-for: 1. Our own but differing/conflicting ideals, values, principles, goals, desires, fantasies, visions, dreams, hopes, intentions, etc. 2. The flawed qualities/characteristics of our own, but unexamined, personal and communal relationships. 3. Our assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, convictions, traditions, etc. --- which motivate/drive us to be "together" doing "things" which drive-us-apart because of: resentments, fears, anger, excommunications, mental illnesses, physical illnesses, false-pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, defensiveness, insecurity, and desires for invulnerability. 4. The possibilities of improving our creative potentials through: balance, mutuality, civility, hospitality, cooperation, collaboration, and working to facilitate and promote trust. 5. Creating and sharing abundance which will mitigate our tendencies to fight over what we perceive as being inevitably scarce, but essential to our isolated well-being. 6. Being concerned about the welfare and health of the whole community; rather than of just ourselves and of our own few isolated friends. 7. Making wise and prudent changes in our own misleading: assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, convictions, traditions, demands, habits, etc. 8. Our own failures to engage in cooperative systems-analyses of what are the factors within us and our relationships which lead and motivate us into preparing for the continuation of endless-cycles-of-wars which are dishonestly-justified. 9. Addictions, codependent-relationships, collusive games of mutual-self-deception, power-concentrations, coalitions, exclusivities, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. 10. Refusals to admit to complicity in refusing to learn from: mistakes made, reconciliations avoided and other forms of laying firm foundations for tragic cycles of personal and communal disintegrations. Shalom (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================