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%INTERDEPENDENT AUTHENTIC HEALTHY REALITIES DEVIL 040420 %DENY BLAME SHAME LABEL ABSENCE OPEN HONEST TALKS 040420 %SANCTUARY TREE KNOWLEDGE GOOD EVIL INDIVIDUALS 040420 %UNORIGINAL SINS GARDEN EDON HEAVEN INTEGRITIES 040420 %PREOCCUPATIONS PRIORITIES BALANCE COMPLEMENTARY 040420 Authentic/Healthy realities are ALL interdependent. Utterly-independent realities are alienated, estranged, alone, isolated, ex-communicated and meaningless in the absence of connections, health and integrities. When interdependencies among realities are denied --- authenticity, health, personal-integrities and communal integrities are undermined and made impossible --- in the absence of open and honest dialogue. When people are preoccupied with knowing which individuals are superior/best and/or inferior/evil --- people cannot be authentic/healthy; and communities cannot be healthy/whole. The Knowledge of which individuals are essentially- good-individuals and which individuals are essentially- evil-individuals --- is forbidden because it is disintegrative-knowledge which destroys Garden-of-Eden- kinds of relationships. In the absence of the regular exchange of free gifts of the freedom to be safely vulnerable within authentic intimate relationships among True-Lovers --- there are no meaningful relationships, there is no meaningful dialogue, and all beings are dominated by disintegrations of individuals, communities, communications and of their isolated parts. Communities, their participants and their relationships grow through the regular exchange of free gifts of the freedom to be safely vulnerable within communal sanctuaries --- exchanging awareness of details of each other and each other's intimate relationships with each other. When people believe that the best way to be safe and secure is through being defensive and invulnerable --- they cannot participate in meaningful relationships which entail intimacy and vulnerability --- to the extent --- that they are meaningful. Meaningful relationships grow in depth and extent to the extent that participants share their growing awareness of each other's beings, integrities and connections. Self-righteousness, arrogance, perfectionism, and preoccupations with issues between good-individuals and evil-individuals --- all contribute to personal and communal disintegrations; and do nobody any good. Thus all bodies disintegrate under the influence of such tragic realities. High level technologies and powers which are driven (empowered and motivated) by such tragic realities --- cannot be used or abused in "moves" which successfully avoid such tragic consequences. There are no "good" forms of domination, coercion, violence, terrorism, or war --- through which to promote any kind of integrations or integrities. Isolated/alienated individuals who regard themselves as "good/superior" --- cannot facilitate, promote, drive, empower, motivate or otherwise occasion --- any good kinds of conformity to any good ideal-forms of: beings, relationships-among-beings, integrities, intimacies, lovers, righteousness, faith, hope, desires, works, salvations, communities, businesses, religions, governance, controls, communities, religions, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================