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%REFLEXIVE SELF-ESTEEM SIZE GROUP OPEN HONESTY JOY 040416 %PATHS WAYS LIFE STYLES OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE BIASES 040416 %PRUDENCE NEIGHBORS FAMILIES CLASSES CITIES STATES 040416 %SPACE-SHIP-EARTH PLANET SOLAR SYSTEM ASTRONOMY SIN 040416 %EVIL INDIVIDUALS PERSONS RELATIONSHIPS RESPONSIVE 040416 %PARADIGM COLLUSION GAMES SELF DECEPTION HEALTH GOD 040416 To deal wisely/prudently with issues related to self-esteem we need to be open and honest about the ways in which self-esteem is a reflexive reality; not an objective-reality. We cannot be entirely free of bias about how wise/prudent we are about our-own-self-esteem, our-lovers'-self-esteem, our-family's-self-esteem, our- neighbors'-self-esteem, etc. We can enjoy prudence, wisdom and freedom-from-bias as regards self-esteem only through mutual-reflection in open-and-honest-dialogue about all factors which affect all of our self-esteems; i.e., only through reflexive considerations which are open-and-honest in balanced-dialogue. The above focused upon various size groups of people which interact and reflect upon each other in reflexive ways. The following focuses upon different foci of attention where reflexive considerations play major roles in engendering particular kinds of self- esteem. For each-size-group-above, consider the processes of the evolutions-of-the-groups': 1. Cosmologies, 2. Mythologies, 3. Parables, 4. Allegories, 5. Similes, 6. Stories/literatures, 7. Songs/music, 8. Sciences/research/technologies, 9. Economies/politics, 10. Drama/cinema, 11. Libraries/Computers, 12. Communications/Information-storage, 13. Spirituality/religions, 14. Security-systems, 15. Laws/rules/administrations, 16. Police/judicial-systems, 17. Gossip/news-systems, 18. Theories/descriptions, etc. 19. These-considerations here. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================