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%MANY CLEAR ADVANTAGES RECOGNIZE EVIL RESIDES SELF 040415 %OTHER DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS POWERFUL CHURCH 040415 %RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION ADDICTIVE ORGANIZATION OTHER 040415 %MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MULTI-NATIONALS WITHIN 040415 %MISTAKE LEARN REVENGE IGNORANCE PREJUDICE JUDGES 040415 %RIGHEOUS MACHO MANDATES CODPENDENCE BLIND DEAF GOD 040415 When "EVIL" is regarded as concentrated in powerful ways within: People, Individuals, Powerful-Coalitions, Dictatorships, Corrupt-Religious-Institutions, The- Military-Industrial-Complex, Multi-National-Corporations, The-Devil, Demonic-Angels-in-Heaven, Labeled- Individuals, etc. --- WE-ARE-LEFT- POWERLESS because "EVIL" is out-there, outside-of-us; where we have no power to mitigate "EVIL" which is seen as more powerful than we are --- UNLESS be believe that by being MORE-DOMINEERING than others --- we can destroy the EVIL which is separate-from-us. When "EVIL" is recognized as residing primarily within "Our-Evil-Relationships" --- WE-ARE-ENPOWERED because we are Inside-of-Our-Relationships and can still behave in ways which can transcend-and-mitigate OUR own: alienation, estrangement, sin, anger, resentment, mistakes, revenge, ignorance, prejudices, judgmentalism, perfectionism, spite, controls, domination, arrogance, self-righteousness, ego-centric- pride, collusions, addictions, macho-mandates, codependence, and domination-systems. There are clear advantages to recognizing "EVIL" as residing primarily within "Our-Evil-Relationships" --- NOT as residing within isolated people, individuals, and concentrations-of-power which are outside of us. We need to be clear in our own minds and in dialogue with each other about the many advantages to recognizing "EVIL" as residing primarily within "Our-Evil-Relationships" as described above. Then we need to cooperate in taking advantage of that recognition of "EVIL" as residing primarily within "Our-Evil-Relationships" as described above --- and work effectively as true peacemakers. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================