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%MACHO MANDATE TACITLY PREDICATED THOUGHTLESS VIEW 040415 %CLEAR CLARITY ARTICULATION HONEST PUBLIC BITTER 040415 %EVIL ENEMY ISOLATED EXCOMMUNICATED EXCLUDED REJECT 040415 %ALIENATION WIN COMPETITION CONFLICT EXPENSIVE GODS 040415 %RIGHTEOUS FEAR ANXIETY DISINTEGRATE PROPRIETY EVIL 040415 The "Macho-Mandate" is tacitly predicated on the thoughtless notion that "we" must-win at-the-expense-of our "evil-enemy" which we "righteously-fear". The "Macho-Mandate" is THOUGHTLESS in the sense that the key categories are not clearly spelled out in any honest/public way that would make clear what will be the bitter consequences of using the categories of "evil- enemy", "righteous-fear", "mandate", etc. The "Macho- Mandate" is not founded upon any clearly articulated sense of the essential foundations for both personal and communal integrity. The "Macho-Mandate" takes for granted that integrity is founded upon "proper" "principles-of-conformity"; rather than upon healthy: cooperation, collaboration, civility, hospitality, generosity, honesty, sharing, authenticity, transparency, openness, kindness, gentleness, sympathy, empathy, listening, dialogue, balance, reverence, etc. The "Macho-Mandate" takes for granted that we can "clearly-distinguish", "clearly-describe" and ULTIMATELY- KNOW-THE-DIFFERENCE between "our-evil-enemies" who "as- individuals" are "inferior-beings" --- and "others-like- us" who "as-individuals" are "good" as "superior-beings" --- for some vague reasons about which there is "great- contention". The "Macho-Mandate" takes for granted that if we cannot identify "who-has-lost" respect, honor, security, support, land, wealth, power, etc. --- then we have not "won" in any meaningful way; i.e. winning-together is unthinkable --- tacitly forbidden by "The Domination System". The "Macho-Mandate" is tacit, because macho-people must not be caught-being-vulnerable; they must always be "invulnerable" == "secure" as loyal/faithful supporters of "The Domination System" which utterly transcends them. The "Macho-Mandate" must be obeyed, because "The Domination System" must not be exposed as the ultimately hidden focus of a system of disintegrative-idolatry. No honest systems-analysis of disintegrative- idolatry can be permitted because any such systems- analysis would expose the idolatry of "The Domination System" which must exist eternally as the ultimate-power- in-the-cosmos. No honest systems-analysis of our collusive games of mutual self deception can be permitted; for any such honest-systems-analysis would undermine the "integrity" of our "coherent" system of "sacred" beliefs-and-traditions. The "Collective-Unconscious" of domineering supporters of "The Domination System" --- is the "heart" of "The Domination System"; so long as that "heart" keeps beating-up-upon vulnerable people who are: thirsty, hungry, naked, homeless, dis-eased, diseased, ill, sick, oppressed, suppressed, repressed, etc. --- so long "The Domination System" will live on and "The Macho Mandate" will be responded to in thoughtless/fearful ways. "The Macho Mandate" must be kept tacit, implicit, unspoken, unuttered, undeclared, implied, understood, unexpressed, unsaid, unclear, wordless, etc. (The number of synonyms for "tacit" suggests how pervasive the tacit practice is!) To clearly articulate "The Macho Mandate" would deprive It of much of Its power. Thus, domineering people play systematic "Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self- Deception" in order to protect the "heart" of "Their Domination System"; their "Dominant Collective Unconscious". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================