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%PASSIVE DOMINATION SYSTEM HIDE CONFUSE DESCRIBE 040409 %ORIGINAL SINNERS MISREPRESENT ALIENATION GOD WORKS 040409 %ENDS JUSTIFY MEANS PURPOSE IDEALS INTENTIONS IMAGE 040409 %ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT SEPARATION CHAOS CONFUSION 040409 %EMBARRASS AFFECTION UNBALANCE INSANITY PREJUDICE 040409 %BIGOTRY PARTIALITY TENDENTIOUS INTOLERANCE BIAS 040409 "The Domination System" is not a passive system. "The Domination System" actively seeks to hide, confuse, mis-represent, and otherwise subvert God's-Works- of-Love. "The Domination System" actively seeks to misrepresent "Evil-Works-of-Alienation" as God's-Works- of-Love. "The Domination System" pretends that the ends justify the means; and of course "The Ends" are the goals, purposes, ideals, and intentions of "The Domination System". To "The Domination System" there are no complementary goals, purposes, ideals, intentions or ideals in terms of which to demonstrate that "The Domination System" is committed to the facilitation and promotion of diverse forms of personal and communal integrities and integration. To "The Domination System" all of the foundations for personal and communal forms of integrity and integrations --- are not only irrelevant --- they stand in the way of "The Domination System" fulfilling itself through the absolute concentration of all power without any limitations, without any corruption, as the seat of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and POWER. To be fulfilled "The Domination System" must be made to appear to be the THRONE of God. True-Lovers expose the dishonesty which is at the heart of "The Domination System"; and thereby threatens the appearances of "integrity" of "The Domination System". True-Lovers describe and clarify how "The Domination System" works; and what the bitter fruits of "The Domination System" are: 1. Alienation, estrangement, separation; 2. Chaos, confusion, embarrassment; 3. Disaffection, unbalance, insanity; 4. Prejudice, bigotry, partiality; 5. Tendentiousness, intolerance, bias; 6. Contentiousness, aggression, hostility; 7. Belligerence, pugnacity, combativeness; 8. Arrogance, self-righteousness, disdain; 9. Insolence, superciliousness, contempt; 10. Defiance, presumption, lordliness To avoid getting entangled/associated with the above bitter fruits we need to learn from True-Lovers how to become well integrated-members of sanctuary-communities through cooperation, collaboration and civility which are authentic, honest, and coherent. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================