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%DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS COOPERATION LOYALTY CARRY 040408 %POWERFUL AUTHORITIES PROPER IDEAL FORMS MAINTAIN 040408 %REPECT HONOR SELECTED SCRIPTURES HOLY SACRED RITES 040408 %TECHNICAL EXPERTS TECHNOCRATS HUMANE NATURAL GOD 040408 %OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE UNCERTAINTY DOUBT SUSPICIOUS 040408 %DILEMMAS LIMITED SPACE WATER AIR FUEL ENERGY KNOWN 040408 Different people's expectations of cooperation carry different implications which may not be mutually compatible or complementary: 1. Respect and obedience shown by submissive people toward powerful authorities who have become "properly" empowered. 2. The maintenance of respected traditions. 3. Respect shown towards reliably-selected ancient holy-scriptures. 4. Respect shown toward well-trained modern technical experts. 5. Proper rewards granted to successful managers of human, natural, financial, technical and financial resources and risks. 6. Open and honest dialogue about experiences, perceptions, discernments, understandings, insights, doubts, uncertainties, suspicious, etc. If people's expectations are not mutually: compatible, congruent, coherent, well-integrated, complementary, respected, honored, shared, etc.; it is unrealistic to expect that cooperation and/or collaboration will be demonstrated together; especially if some people demand that others cooperate because of some actual and/or threatened coercion, violence, punishments, preponderance of force/authority, etc. The above comments point to often tragic dilemmas which are NOT technical problems. Such dilemmas cannot be resolved by: technocrats, authorities, administrators, coalitions, etc. --- no matter how powerful, knowledgeable, experienced, well-trained, expert, wise, or prudent they may be. Dilemmas can be resolved only by the participants and victims in and of the central conflicts of the dilemmas. Outsiders may be able to serve as advisors and counselors. They cannot unilaterally resolve any dilemmas other than their own dilemmas. The above needs to be kept in mind when dealing with: terrorism, wars, religious-conflicts, prostitution, sexual abuse, addiction, weapons of mass destruction, WMDs, arms-races, the military-industrial-complex, nuclear-weapons, organized-crime, the drug trade, and domination by multi-national-corporations. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================