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%UNDERSTAND WHOLE CLOCK ANALYSIS SYSTEM PART PAIRS 040407 %COUPLE MARRIAGE LEVER GEAR SOURCE ENERGY DRIVE GOD 040407 %GRACE TRUE LOVERS RATES CONVERSION ALIENATION EVIL 040407 %FRICTION HEAT LIGHT ENTROPY CONFUSION CHAOS CYCLES 040407 %RISE FALL EMPIRES WARS VIOLENCE COERCION DISHONEST 040407 %MAGNETIC PERSON COLLUSIVE DOMINEERING LEADERSHIPS 040407 In considering clocks and similar mechanical systems which make use of levers and meshed gears --- to understand the whole system on needs to know: 1. What each part of the system is. 2. How the parts are connected; e.g., which pairs of gears are meshed with each other, which levers act on each other, and any connections between levers and gears. 3. The source (or sources) of energy which drive the system. 4. The locations of significant friction between moving parts of the system, and the rates of conversion of energy into heat energy at each such location. 5. Locations of magnetic damping or magnetic driving forces; and the rates of injection of electro- magnetic energy into the mechanical system; e.g., a clock motor. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================