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%MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE COMMITTMENTS IDEALS VALUES SINS 040403 %DOUBLE BOUND BINDS CONTENSION DIVERSITY DIFFERENCE 040403 %WORSHIP MULTIPLE GODS IDOLATRY HUMAN FINITUDE EVIL 040403 %COHERENT INTEGRITY FATAL TRAGIC MISTAKE COMPLEMENT 040403 When we are committed exclusively to some one ideal we are bound to find ourselves under tension, and perhaps in con-tension with each other. Diverse ideals, values and principles may all call upon us to spend time, energy, resources, money, etc. --- in their service. But we have only a finite amount of time, energy, resources, money, etc. to spend in all ways. We cannot with integrity spend all that we can spend --- completely and exclusively upon any one ideal, value, principle or any other focus of our devotion. We cannot worship any one idol to the exclusion of all other possible foci of worship --- and thereby maintain our personal and communal integrities. It is a fatal mistake to be committed exclusively to even a few ideals --- to the exclusion of other complementary ideals, values, principles, etc. which are essential foundations for our personal and communal integrities. In terms of what exclusive ideals can we DETECT an unbalanced commitment to a too narrow/limited a spectrum of ideals, values, principles, role-models, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================