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%COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES INTEGRATION COHERENT PRESENCE 040328 Within every intimate meeting we as individuals and as groups of different numbers of people --- within diverse occasions of greeting, meeting, being- together, being-in-dialogue, being-cooperative, being contentious, being collaborators and confronting dilemmas --- are confronted by ESSENTIALLY THE SAME QUESTION and VISION in many different forms --- as diverse-questions and as diverse-visions-of-the- resolution/integration of-the-same ESSENTIAL-REALITY: What-can-we-do separately-individually AND what-can- we-do together-communally to: most helpfully/effectively facilitate-and-promote BOTH our-individual-integrities AND our-communal-integrities within-our-infinities-of-combinations-and- permutations-of-being-together in-in-non-exclusive-ways of: alliances, balancing, cooperating, collaborating, complementing and collecting as civil-people in civilized- communities: desiring, dreaming, doubting, demonstrating, eliciting, fellowshipping and formulating: generosity, hospitality, honesty, humility, honor, inclusivity, joy, kindness, love, modesty, needs, openness, patience, priorities, questions, requests, responses, solicitations, tenderness, unity, visions, worship, x=unknowns, yearnings, and zones-of-privacy. We need to recognize how the same essential question- about and vision-of personal/communal integrities and integrations --- comes around again and again to haunt us and motivate/guide us into facilitative/helpful action-in- being-together as True-Lovers within Love. 1. Hanging on "for good" does nobody any "good" especially when what we are "hanging-on-to" is/are "our" possessions; or what we have unilaterally defined/labeled as "good". In similar ways it does nobody and real "good" to CLING IN AN EXCLUSIVE/NARROWING WAY TO: 2. A FEW ideas, ideals, values, principles, images, rituals, traditions, scriptures, scripts, texts, roles, works, etc. --- TO-THE-EXCLUSION-OF many complementary realities which play central roles in the lives of well integrated/healthy people and communities that affirm rainbows-of-possibilities in ways which build upon the many essential foundations for both personal and communal integrities and integrations. 3. MANY ways of concentrating powers, wealth, privileges, possessions, respect, honor and reverence in exclusive ways --- at the expense of vulnerable people who are poor, thirsty, hungry, homeless, confused, and living in polluted environments created by the wealthy and powerful. 4. MANY prescriptions, proscriptions, commandments, laws, taboos, and judicial systems which regularly lead, guide and motivate people to behave in ways which facilitate and promote EVIL and MUTUALLY-EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS between and among mis-guided people. 5. MANY technologies by which to presume to know which individual/isolated persons, things, ideal-forms, formalities, and ways of con-forming are "essentially- good", and which are "essentially-evil" --- tacitly affirming that such individual and/or isolated persons, things, ideal-forms, formalities, and ways of con-forming can be meaningfully labeled as either "essentially-good" or "essentially-evil" in the absence of meaningful attention being given to what kinds of inter-personal RELATIONSHIPS are good and/or evil. 6. Know the ULTIMATE and/or ABSOLUTE TRUTH in the absence of meaningful attention being given to MANY individual and communal experiences that are mutually complementary in how they point to MANY elements/aspects of how TRUTHFUL-PEOPLE share their own experiences and processes of discernment of the many existing personal and communal integrities and integrations around them. 7. Ancient authorities, authoritative-scriptures and authoritative-texts --- to the exclusion of attending to the AUTHORITATIVE-EXPERIENCES honestly described by authentic people who are present in current well integrated personal relationships; and who openly and honestly share their experiences with each other within the context of liberating sanctuaries built by True- Lovers. Our central-dilemma is that what we truly need is what most threatens our mis-leading visions of being able to always HOLD-ON-TO and CLING-TO whatever it is that we falsely-think will GUARANTEE our: invulnerability, security, salvation, freedom, liberty and happiness --- regardless of what other people think, need, desire, hope-for and yearn-for. Healthy relationships evolve in healthy ways only to the extent that all participants keep "tuned-in" to all of the other participants' visions, dreams, hopes, desires and inclinations regarding the evolution of their relationships; and respond graciously to them with due consideration. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================