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%DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DOMINEERING GRACIOUS PEOPLE 040327 %CONCEIVE ABIDE TOLERATE THOUGHT CREATED DIFFERENT 040327 %ESSENTIAL COMPLEMENTATION INTEGRATION COHERENCE 040327 %UNITY IMPURITY PURIFICATION EXCLUSION BANISHMENT 040327 %EXCOMMUNICATION REJECTION EXCLUSIVITY INCLUSIVITY 040327 %INHERENT THREATENING REALITIES EVIL RELATIONSHIPS 040327 What are some of the major "differences" between "domineering-people" and "gracious-people"? Many domineering people cannot conceive, abide, or tolerate the thought that other persons just might have been created in ways which lead them to be able to form HEALTHY and WELL-INTEGRATED-RELATIONSHIPS --- which are fundamentally different from the kinds of RELATIONSHIPS which domineering people are prone to form; and that such "different" RELATIONSHIPS are not in any real sense inherently a threat to other HEALTHY and WELL-INTEGRATED-PERSONS and/or a threat to their RELATIONSHIPS. Many domineering people cannot conceive, abide, or tolerate the thought that what HEALTHY and WELL- INTEGRATED-PERSONS threaten in HEALTHY and WELL- INTEGRATED-WAYS --- includes the RESPECTABILITY-OF domineering people's favorite forms of: 1. Arrogance and self-righteousness, 2. Coercion and violence, 3. Terrorism and wars, 4. Denigrations and attacks, 5. Pretentiousness and defenses, 6. Collusions and addictions, 7. Technocracies and Domination-Systems, 8. Secrecy and withdrawal, 9. Camouflage and confusion, 10. Cover-up and masquerade, 11. Power-concentrations and conspiracies, 12. Coalitions and consolidations, 13. Self-centeredness and narcissism. 14. Dictatorships and empire-building. Domineering people often refuse to acknowledge (or allow others to acknowledge) the ways in which they (the domineering people) are ill-at-ease, dis-eased and unable to function-together in healthy and integrative ways which include the ways of: 1. Humility and cooperation, 2. Kindness and gentleness, 3. Peace-making and reconciliation, 4. Assistance and healing, 5. Openness and honesty, 6. Charity and grace, 7. Hospitality and civility, 8. Authenticity and responsiveness, 9. Transparency and clarity, 10. Revelations and spontaneity, 11. Power-sharing and wealth-sharing, 12. Creativity and joy, 13. Forgiveness and sharing, 14. Unbiased-systems-analysis of dominations. Note the contrasts between the like-numbered-items in the two lists of fourteen items above, and THINK! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================