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%SUMMARY OVERVIEW EVIL RELATIONSHIPS TRUE LOVERS 040324 %DOMINATION SYSTEM COMMITTMENT FACILITATE PROMOTE 040324 %ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY 040324 %INTEGRATION CREW-SPACE-SHIP-EARTH COHERENCE WORDS 040324 %WORDS DEEDS SCRIPTS SCRIPTURES BIBLE KORAN LEGAL 040324 %SANCTUARY SAFELY VULNERABLE FALLEN POWERS BEINGS 040324 This is an effort to summarize and give an overview of the nature of Evil-Relationships-Between-And-Among- Domineering-People in contrast to the Gracious- Relationships-Between-And-Among-True-Lovers: 1. Their contrasting live-styles are based upon contrasting-commitments to contrasting-ways of seeking to facilitate and promote enduring security, safety and integrity within contrasting "universes". 2. True-Lovers are Truly-Committed to the building up and the maintenance of The-Essential-Foundations of and for both Personal-and-Communal-Integrities of ALL members of the Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth. Their commitments are made clear through the Consistency-and- Coherence of their Words-and-Their-Deeds. 3. Domineering-People are Incoherently-Committed to the building up and the maintenance of The-Domination- System, The-Fallen-Powers-That-Be, Addictive-Organi- zations-and-Societies, and the Playing-of-Collusive-Games- of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- in-order-to-protect Their- Own-Exclusive-Rights To-Own-and-Control All-That-They-Lay- Claim-To for reasons of their own choosing --- and in order to appear to be respected and honored. 4. True-Lovers clarify through their words and deeds their commitments to facilitating and promoting the following characteristics of Healthy-Relationships: Acceptance, Accuracy, Arts, Authenticity, Authority, Balance, Civility, Coherence, Collaboration, Communities, Descriptions, Complementations, Cooperation, Creativity, Diversity, Friendships, Gentleness, Giving, Gifts, Healings, Helpfulness, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Hospitality, Humility, Imagination, Integrities, Integrations, Intimacy, Inclusivity, Kindness, Liberation, Meditations, Mutuality, Peacemaking, Poetry, Possibilities, Praying, Probabilities, Rainbows, Reciprocity, Reconciliation, Reconstruction, Respect, Responsiveness, Reverence, Sanctuaries, Service, Shalom, Sharing, Spirituality, Systems-Analysis, Tolerance, Welcomes, etc. 5. Through their endless efforts to unilaterally achieve their incoherent goals --- Domineering-People focus inhumane amounts of attention upon the following characteristics of Evil-Relationships: Abuses, Alienations, Anger, Anxieties, Assassinations, Attacks, Atomic-Bombs, Authoritarians, Banishments, Battles, Battlements, Boundaries, Castles, Capitalism, CEOs, Coercion, Colonialism, Commandments, Concentrations, Confessional-Statements, Conflicts, Conformity, Controls, Conversions, Corruption, Courts, Covetousness, Crusades, Damnation, Defeating, Demands, Denigrations, Destructions, Devils, Dictations, Dictators, Dis-ease, Doctrines, Dominations, Drugs, Eliminations, Emperors, Estrangements, Excommunications, Extremism, Evil-Images, Evil- Individuals, Evil-Spirits, Evil-Things, Evil-Visions, Exclusivity, Fears, Fences, Formalities, Forts, Fortresses, Gambling, Greed, Grudges, Guards, Heaven, Hell, Idealism, Ideal-Forms, Ideologies, Imperfections, Individual-Security, Indoctrinations, Inquisitions, Isolation, Invulnerability, Jails, Judgments, Laws, Legalisms, Nationalism, Nuclear-Weapons, Magic, Mansions, Militarism, Missiles, Multiply-Targeted-Nuclear-Bombs, Mutually-Assured-Destruction, Ownership, Perfection, Pornography, Prescriptions, Presidents, Prisons, Proprieties, Prohibitions, Proscriptions, Prostitutions, Punishments, Purifications, Purity, Revenge, Rituals, Roles, Salvation, Scripts, Scriptures, Seductions, Success, Suicide-Bombings, Superiority, Technology, Technocracy, Technocrats, Terrorism, Threats, Traditions, Uniformity, Uniforms, Violence, Walls, Wars, Winning, WMDs, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . There are many ways in which the contrasting characteristics within each collection above are supportive of each other; and in opposition to the overall pattern of what is represented by the other collection of characteristics. Of course, exceptions to the overall patterns represented can be found. Such exceptions do not prove that the overall patterns do not exist; but the exceptions to the overall pattern do need to be acknowledged and to be the focus of open and honest dialogue between differing people who are characterized by opposing patterns. Only through such open and honest dialogue about controversies can the opposing patterns be transcended by well integrated people who are demonstrating many kinds of mutually complementary integrities. Both "Domineering-People" and "True-Lovers" are regularly tempted to believe that their way is the superior way; and that they are "Superior-People". The tragedy is that "Superior-People" often fail to participate in open and honest dialogue with the "Inferior-People" whom they label as such and fear --- because of their "Apparently-Threatening-Different- Ways". In their Evil-Relationships appearances are tragic-realities. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================