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%MINIMIZE ELIMINATE DESTROY EVIL PEOPLE THINGS IDEA 040323 %IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLES PLACES VISIONS IMAGES GOD 040323 %FOCUS ATTENTION PRIORITIY REVENGE PUNISHMENT DEVIL 040323 %MENTAL HEALTH RIGHTEOUS JUGEMENT HOSPITALITY LEGAL 040323 %RECONCILIATION PEACEMAKING HEALING HEALTH CARE SEX 040323 In order to minimize "evil" and move towards the elimination of "evil" within Space-Ship-Earth --- we need to be clear about where best to focus our attention, and where focusing our attention is likely to be COUNTER- PRODUCTIVE. Upon what below will we best focus our attention? 1. "Evil-people" or "evil-relationships"? 2. "Getting-even" or "reconciliation"? 3. "Punishments" or "mental-health-care"? 4. "Righteous-judgments" or "gracious-hospitality"? 5. "Legalities" or "civility"? 6. "Denigrations" or "affirmations"? 7. "Conformity" or "grace"? 8. "Destruction" or "construction"? 9. "Contentious-relationships" or "True-Lovers"? 10. "Creative-imaginations" or "domineering-wills"? 11. "Conformists" or "visionaries"? 12. "Winners" or "helpers"? 13. "Coercion" or "facilitation"? 14. "Arrogance" or "humility"? 15. "Past-mistakes" or "future-possibilities"? 16. "Presumed-certainties" or "likely-possibilities"? 17. "Domination" or "helpful-complementation"? 18. "Preventing-mistakes" or "personal-authenticity"? 19. "Being-in-control" or "being-gracious"? 20. "Exclusivity-in-contests" or "being-cooperative"? 21. "Who-is-superior" or "who-truly-needs-help"? 22. "What-Heaven-is-like" or "what-others need"? 23. "Evil-people" or "True-Lovers"? 24. "Preventing-tragedies" or "promoting-civility"? 25. "Demonstrating-superiority" or "showing-love"? 26. "Being-better" or "being-humble"? 27. "Being-coercive" or "being-collaborators"? 28. "Being-respectable" or "being-authentic"? 29. "Maintaining-traditions" or "being-ourselves"? 30. "Respecting-legalities" or "respecting-people"? 31. "Black-and-white-thinking" or "rainbow-thinking"? 32. "Prescriptions/proscriptions" or "descriptions"? 33. "Dramatic-changes" or "gradual-evolutions"? Moment-by-moment we make choices between the above kinds of alternatives and possibilities. By which choices we make we set our priorities. We do well when we make choices between real-possibilities while "tilting" to the right above. We move into evil-relationships in making choices while "tilting" to the left above. We will do well when we learn which way-of-tilting leads to increasing harvests of "sweet-fruit"; and which way-of- tilting leads to increasing harvests of "bitter-fruit". What seems to be true is not always true. What seems to be false is often true. THINK about what the evidence of your own experiences indicates! Consider many possibilities! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================