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%GOLDEN RULE TREAT OTHERS AS WE DESIRE OURSELVES+040207 %ARBITRARY UNILATERAL PREJUDICED CAPRICIOUS DEVILS+040207 %PRESUPPOSES ALIKE DIFFERENCES ASK INQUIRE SUGGEST+040207 %SEXUAL ABUSE COERCION VIOLENCE DOMINATION SYSTEM+040207 %COMMANDMENTS PRESCRIPTIONS PROSCRIPTIONS DESCRIBE+040207 %INSTRUCTIONS REQUIREMENT PREREQUISITES ACCEPTANCE 040207 The "Golden Rule" suggests that we treat others as we would like them to treat us in like circumstances. The "Golden Rule" presupposes that we and our neighbors are alike! What if we and our neighbors are different? What if they object to being treated as we want to be treated? Why not ask our neighbors themselves how they want to be treated? Why not suggest that we treat others as they want to be treated --- at least unless there are truly compelling reasons for not treating them as they want to be treated? Why not suggest that we stop treating other people in a given way --- if they object to us treating them in that given way --- at least unless there are truly compelling reasons for NOT acceding to their wishes. Sexual abuse entails sexual activity which someone: DOES NOT ACTIVELY WELCOME with autonomous power, or to which SOMEONE OBJECTS TO with autonomous power, or CANNOT OBJECT TO with autonomous power. Domineering people often define "proper behavior" in ways which are unilateral and/or independent of the hopes, aspirations, desires and wishes of vulnerable people. Such definitions of "propriety" have all too often been respected, supported and formalized --- at the expense of vulnerable people; and to the advantage of domineering people. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Domineering people behave in corrupting ways that are in no sense proper. Why should any unilateral definitions of "propriety" ever be respected, honored or even tolerated? Are there any CIRCUMSTANCES in which unilateral definitions will facilitate and/or promote both personal and communal integrities? Have any examples of such CIRCUMSTANCES been described and confirmed by the vulnerable people who were involved in them? How can we be publicly, openly and honestly confident that such circumstances of UNILATERALLY FACILITATING/PROMOTING PERSONAL AND COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES can exist and/or have existed. On whose authority? God's? Is God a unilateral abuser? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================