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%TRUE LOVERS PARTICIPATE MEANINGFULLY SANCTUARY+040203 %CAST OUT FEAR SELF OTHER PAST PRESENT THREATENED+040203 %COERCION VIOLENCE DISHONESTY MISLEADING BEHAVIORS+040203 %RIGHTEOUSNESS ARROGANCE UNILATERAL DOMINATION SIN+040203 %CONTROLS CONCENTRATION CORRUPTION WEALTH POWERS+040203 %REJECTION ACCEPTANCE EXCLUSIONS EXCOMMUNICATIONS 040203 True Lovers participate meaningfully in True- Sanctuary Communities only to the extent that they do NOT fear each other because of past, present and threatened: 1. Coercion and/or violence. 2. Dishonesty and/or misleading behaviors. 3. Self righteousness and/or arrogance. 4. Unilateral domination and/or controls. 5. Concentrations of wealth and/or powers. 6. Rejections, exclusions and/or excommunications. 7. Alienations, estrangements and/or judgments. 8. Attacks, terrorism, and/or use of WMDs. 9. Preparations for and/or actual wars. 10. Tragic unilateral and/or non cooperative actions. 11. Anger, rage, revenge and/or threats of them. 12. Unilateral permanent isolation and/or withdrawal. 13. Creating conflicts or maintaining old conflicts. 14. Refusing to forgive and become reconciled. 15. Labelling other individuals as evil enemies. 16. Treating other individuals according to labels. 17. Refusing to take the risks of true cooperation. 18. Refusing to take the risks of love & intimacy. 19. Refusing to take the risks of true sexuality. 20. Presuming that righteousness involves withdrawal. 21. Rejecting complementary people, values & ideals. 22. Turning all conflicts into dichotomous conflicts. 23. Demanding greater certainty than has integrity. 24. Refusing to be honest about finite probabilities. 25. Treating selected people as superior people. 26. Treating selected people as inferior people. The above kinds of behaviors cannot be reduce by resorting to the above kinds of behaviors in reaction to the above kinds of behaviors on the part of other people. Domineering people CANNOT participate meaningfully in True Sanctuary Communities --- to the extent that they are faithful to: "The Domination System", "The Fallen Powers That Be", "Their Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception" and/or their idolatrous worship of dichotomies, coercion, conflicts, contentiousness, dishonesty, arrogance, self- righteousness and like patterns of thought and behavior which undermine all forms of true personal and communal integrities. Be attentive, aware and beware --- when domineering- people appear to be affirming any virtue which appears to merit respect, honor, support or a bit of reverence. Such appearances of affirmations are likely to be pretentious --- because they cannot with integrity make such an affirmation and remain faithful to their ultimate concerns which are indicated above. Look for signs that their motivations and technologies are inconsistent/ incoherent with any true dedication to facilitating and promoting any true forms of personal and communal integrities; as well as looking for signs that the "virtues" which they "affirm" have been "affirmed" by "well integrated" institutions in the past. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================