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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %FRAMEWORK GAIN OVERVIEW MISLEADING WELLNESS WAYS+030319 %INTEGRATIVE DESTRUCTIVE DISCERNMENT WHO WHAT SINS+030319 %GODS WAYS TRUST RESPECT SUPPORT PRESCRIPTIVE TELL+030319 %SAYINGS SUGGESTIVE PROSCRIPTIVE ABUSE GOOD EVIL+030319 %INDIVIDUALS RELATIONSHIPS ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT+030319 %VIRTUE VICE POWER JUDGMENT LAW LOVERS GOSPEL NEW 030319 The following is an attempt to provide a framework for gaining an overview of mis-leading and well- leading ways to recognize INTEGRATIVE vs DESTRUCTIVE ways of discerning what/who IS worthy of trust, respect and support --- and what/who IS NOT worthy of trust, respect and support. What is offered below is not prescriptive; it is only suggestive. It will be an abuse of the following to use it as a basis for labeling some people as "good-people" and labeling other people as "evil-people". The focus can better be placed upon: clearly, honestly and accurately --- describing the natures of "true-lovers" in contrast to "relationships- of-alienation". We need to focus at least as much attention upon RELATIONSHIPS as we focus upon INDIVIDUALS. A lack of balance in this matter leads to both personal and communal disintegrations. There are a multitude of ways to put together: Integrative vs Destructive Combinations of pointers to Presences and/or Absences of Healthy-desiderata and/or Occasions-of-Alienation ================== ======================= GROUP #1 GROUP #2 Lovers'-Relationships Alienative-Relationships Presence Absence Humility Arrogance Grace Self-righteousness Gentleness Violence Coherence Revulsion Cooperation Contentiousness Trust Suspicion Openness Secrecy Transparency Opaqueness Mutuality Dominance Acceptance-into-dialogue Exclusion-from-dialogue Hospitality Excommunication Civility Strife Reverence Pretentiousness Awe Utilization Intimacy Invulnerability Security Defensiveness Civilization Terrorism Safety Recklessness Balance Extremism Shalom Dis-ease Peace Chaos Clarity Confusion Description Prescription Warning Proscription Suggestions Constraints Accurate Misleading Tolerance Taboo Natural-consequences Artificial-Punishments Natural Artificial Authentic Contrived Sensible Arbitrary Well-informed Prejudiced Coherent Capricious Reasonable Collusive Healthy Addictive Health Sickness Integrity Fragmented Trustworthy Codependent Revealing Deceptive Honorable Seductive Pleasurable Painful Healing Harmful Growing Decaying Generosity Greed Sharing Hoarding It is not helpful to place much emphasis upon just which two elements are listed on any given line. There are many other ways in which elements might helpfully be paired off with each other. The presence of one reality may not be equivalent to the absence of another contrasting reality, nor will one reality necessarily cause the absence of another contrasting reality. The absence of one reality may not be equivalent to the presence of another contrasting reality, nor will one reality necessarily cause the presence of another contrasting reality. Let us represent the PRESENCE of a Group #1 reality by +1 and let us represent the ABSENCE of a Group #1 reality by -1. Let us represent the PRESENCE of a Group #2 reality by +2 and let us represent the ABSENCE of a Group #2 reality by -2. With the above abbreviated way of representing the presence/absence of Group #1/Group#2 realities --- we can show the possibilities of PAIRED PRESENCES/ABSENCES as follows. Possible kinds of presences and absences are listed at the left and at the right; and again at the top and at the bottom. There are thus sixteen possible combinations shown below; given the four possibilities for each of two items in a pair of (presence or absence) of a reality of (Group #1 or Group #2). +1 +2 -1 -2 ____________________________________________ | | | | | +1 | +1+1 | +1+2 | +1-1 | +1-2 | +1 |____________|__________|_________|__________| | | | | | +2 | +2+1 | +2+2 | +2-1 | +2-2 | +2 |____________|__________|_________|__________| | | | | | -1 | -1+1 | -1+2 | -1-1 | -1-2 | -1 |____________|__________|_________|__________| | | | | | -2 | -2+1 | -2+2 | -2-1 | -2-2 | -2 |____________|__________|_________|__________| +1 +2 -1 -2 There are 47 items in each of the above pairs of two items on each line. In light of the above, the total number of possible SIGNED-PAIRS of realities is: 47 times 47 times 4 = 8,836; since there are 47 items in both Group #1 and in Group #2; and for each choice of a first item from one of the two Groups combined with a choice of a second item from the same or other Group; there are four ways to combine them: as presence-with-presence, absence-with-absence, or presence-with-absence, or absence-with-presence. It would not be helpful to articulate all 8,836 possible combinations --- in an effort to explore the implications of considering each combination. Writing one essay to explore each of the 8,836 theoretically possible combinations --- would more than double the number of essays present in the ESSAYS System at the time of the writing of this essay! It is doubtful that doing so would serve any useful purpose. It is worth noting that it is dangerous to assume or suggest that the presence on any of the above realities is IDENTICAL to the absence of any of contrasting other realities above. It is also dangerous to assume that the absence of any of the above realities is IDENTICAL to the presence of any of the contrasting other realities above. To make such an assumption/suggestion would be misleading. Beware of falling into that trap of false logic/reasoning! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================