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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TRAGEDY EVIL WRONG CRIME FAIL HARM VIOLENT COERCE+940325 %MANIPULATION PREVENT BLOCK CONTROL PUNISH REWARD+940325 %CYCLIC LINEAR PROCESS PROGRESS CHAIN CAUSE EFFECT+940325 %HISTORY PERFECTION DESTINY START PREDICT IMPROVE 940325 The following words point to much that we would like to avoid in inter-personal relationships: tragedy evil wrong-doing crimes failures harm violence coercions manipulations The following words point to human behaviors which often occur in efforts to avoid much to which the above words point: prevent block control punish reward We need to recognize that our efforts to avoid much of what the first set of words point to---are efforts which occasion much of what the first set of words point to. Such efforts are counter-productive in tragic ways and engender many of our evil relationships of alienation. We write laws which define crimes by saying what it is wrong to do, and seek systematic ways to punish the people who violate the laws. We define responsibilities, and seek to punish people who fail to fulfill their responsibilities. We seek to prevent harm and violence, through harmful and violent coercions and manipulations designed to control bad people who are prone to do evil. In all of these efforts we are often confused about what is cause and what is effect, and how everything is inter-related in the complex fabric of life. We often pretend that in human relationships it is possible to simplify life and identify clearly defined linear chains of events A ==> B ==> C ==> D ==> where each letter represents an action/cause and/or an effect. Often we simplify our perceptions even further and pay attention only to two links at a time A ==> B where "A" points to an action, and "B" points to a bad effect. Our efforts at simplification through linearization of webs of complex processes into simple chains---are efforts which often fail to be open and honest about the complexity of the fabric of life in which the processes are inter-related in two, three, four and more dimensions within a volume or multi-dimensional manifold. Our efforts at simplification often ignore the ways in which life processes are complex, cyclic, chaotic, un- predictable and un-controllable---rather than simple, linear, orderly, predictable and controllable. We need to be more honest about the complexities and cyclic natures of the fabric of our lives together. Our sense of "progress" is based upon a linear sense of history---rather than a cyclic sense of history. We seek to "improve" our selves and others in a linear sense. We often believe we are moving from imperfection towards perfection. We perceive beginning points and ending points; origins and destinations. We think in terms of our destiny as an ending point, rather than as a cyclic process with each other in open and honest intimacy. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================