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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %OBJECTIVE INTIMATE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS JOY LOVE+931106 %UNDERSTAND PREDICT POWER CONTROL KNOW EVIL WISE+931106 %MEANING SIGNIFICANCE EMOTIONAL SEPARATION RESEARCH+931106 %NARROW SPECIALIST BALANCE AFFECTIVE EMOTION LOVE+931106 %TRAGEDY LEADER REFLEXIVE ADDICT COLLUDE CODEPEND 931106 People working within the guidelines of the objectivists' paradigm believe that understanding, predictability, control, meaning and significance are to be achieved through emotional separation of the knower from that which is known; e.i., through objectification of research procedures, reporting procedures and evaluative procedures. Those things which can be achieved through the objectivists' paradigm are regarded as meaningful and significant. Those things which cannot be achieved through the objectivists' paradigm are regarded as not meaningful or significant. Objectivists believe that they can become meaningful and significant people through refined behavior within the confines of their specialized paradigm; and so they become narrowly focused specialists. They do not seek BALANCE in their own perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, behavioral patterns, close friendships and professional associations. Instead they seek FORMAL CONFIRMATION of their own perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, behavioral patterns, friendships and professional associations. They are dedicated to CONFORMAL behavior patterns and attitudes, not to gaining FAMILIARITY and PERSONAL UNDERSTANDING of DIVERSE CREATIVE PEOPLE with their DIFFERING VISIONS, DESIRES, HOPES, ASPIRATIONS, FEARS AND ANXIETIES. The meanings and significances of our lives are bound up in our intimate personal relationships. The objectivists' paradigm does not offer wise council to lead us in understanding what contributes positively to the development of meaningful and significant lives and relationships. The objectification of personal relationships does not promote meaningful and significant personal relationships; but rather leads tragically to the deterioration of personal and communal integrity. The objectification of personal relationships is the destruction of most of what is essential to personal and communal integrity. We cannot become familiar with and understand each other by becoming emotionally distant from each other---in keeping with the objectivists' paradigm. Through objectification we learn to a limited extent how to analyze objects into their component elementary parts, to understand their internal elementary relationships, to manipulate their internal processes, to predict elementary aspects of those processes for short distances into the future, and to appear to control some of those elementary processes. The tragedy is, however, that the more successful we are in that objectification process---the more we tend to use it in efforts to understand, predict, manipulate and control ourselves and each other! Our attempts to perfect the objectivists' paradigm tragically lead us into collusive games of mutual self deception, and into the destructive patterns of addictive and codependent relationships which destroy personal and communal integrity. Through objectification of our personal relationships be blind ourselves to the tragic natures of the personal processes from which we have emotionally detached ourselves. We cannot be wise while we are emotionally detached from ourselves and each other. Objectification does not lead to wisdom. Objectification leads technocrats and their followers into technocracy. Meaningful and significant lives are bound up in open and honest intimate relationships among people as whole people. Meaningful and significant lives are not bound up in the analysis, understanding, prediction, manipulation and control of elementary processes within people and communities regarded unemotionally as objects of study and analysis. Preoccupations with the objectivists' paradigm destroy our sensitivity to and interest in the integrative ideals, values and goals which might lead us into open and honest intimate relationships which promote both personal and communal integrity. The more exclusive our preoccupations with objectification are the more destructive are the consequences. The objectivists' paradigm blinds us to this kind of understanding because it is reflexive---in contrast to objective---understanding. The objectivists' paradigm leads us away from such complimentary understanding and into narrowly specialized forms of understanding, prediction, manipulation, and appearances of being in control as manipulators of people, personal relationships and of essential truths about ourselves. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================