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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SCIENTIST WANT NEED DESIRE YEARN AFFECT EMOTION 910404 For scientists and others to neglect to talk openly, honestly and publicly regarding what it is that scientists want, need, desire, and yearn for as regards their affective and emotional lives---is to move towards objectification of all such realities, and to try to deal with them through addictive fixes. Under the terms of their addictive paradigm scientists may not talk openly, honestly and publicly regarding their non-objective wants, needs, desires and yearnings. They feel that they must be objective, detached and non-reflexive at all times; because they have never been professionally encouraged to be personable, participatory, reflexive or profoundly prayerful. There are powerful messages transmitted to young future scientists by what is left out of the official professional training which the highly respected scientists offer. Neglect carries powerful messages, but neglect cannot be analyzed helpfully by objective scientists, because neglects are not objective realities; for neglects are defined by the wants, needs, desires, anticipations, expectations and yearnings of people as non-objective beings. Abuse may be active abuse which entails physical and/or psychological violence of obvious kinds. Abuse may also be passive abuse which is characterized by neglect; by failures to provide in positive ways for children's wants, needs, desires, anticipations, expectations and yearnings. Abused children grow up to be adults dominated by the memories of their internal abused child living within an adult body. Such adults usually try to cope by finding, devising, using and abusing technical fixes. What is wrong with scientists' training is not an objective reality, and cannot be fixed through objective manipulations initiated by people who are preoccupied with objectivity. What is wrong with scientists' training has to do with the inadequacy of scientists' ideals, values, visions, principles, concepts, languages and affective lives. Scientists cannot save themselves through the use of their own professional knowledge and skills. Our scientists' paradigm does not offer the means by which they might achieve salvation. What is wrong with scientists' paradigm is rooted in their abused childhoods where their healthy personal needs were not adequately met due to passive and active abuse. Those realities are not objective realities, and they cannot be dealt with satisfactorily through objective understandings and manipulations. To transcend the inadequacies of scientists' objective paradigm requires that various people take seriously non- objective realities, and understand such realities in non-objective ways. Such transcendence is impossible to scientists whose lives are totally wrapped up in a compulsively objective paradigm; and in activities which are dominated by the assumptions, values, ideals and perceptions which are intimately connected to the paradigm. It is not enough for scientists to carry elements of their paradigm over into non-scientific activities. To transcend the limitations of the objective paradigm will require integrating into the daily activities of the scientists many non-objective realities, understandings and ways of coping. Transcendence will involve two-way dialogue between the realms of objective and non-objective realities and understandings. Transcendence will involve scientists learning from non-scientists about the realm of non- objective realities, and non-objective coping with dilemmas which are non-objective realities. Non-scientists have knowledge and skills which scientists need to learn to respect and acquire. Until they do learn to respect and integrate into their lives such non-objective knowledge and skills, scientists will be unable to share helpfully their kinds of knowledge and skills with non-scientists. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================