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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %UNBALANCED SELECTIVE COLLUSIVE ADDICTIVE HONESTY 900204 In seeking to transcend the disintegrative effects of collusions, addictions and codependent supportive networks, it helps to understand the manner in which participants in them cooperate in misleading each other. Misleading communications and behaviors often achieve their effect through a selective lack of balance. Often statements and behaviors mislead by focusing exclusively upon a limited range of the truth. False impressions are created by what is excluded, left out, not said, not done; in contrast to what is included, said and done. In this way it is possible to be tragically misleading while all the time making true statements and behaving in legitimate and respectable ways. Yet the overall pattern is dishonest. Participants in collusions, addictions and codependent support networks participate in dishonesty through a compulsive imbalance which focuses exclusively on some things, concerns, desires, attitudes, emotions, values, ideals, goals, people, activities, etc.; to the exclusion of others which are complementary and offer essential balance. Health may be regained only through moving towards a healthy balance among the possible foci of attention, concern, activities, etc. Any set of ideals, values, goals, etc. which lead to exclusive attitudes and behaviors tends to lead people into collusive, addictive and codependent patterns of perception, emotions, thought and behavior. The flaw is in exclusivity, and in the imbalance which results from selective honesty. The cure for such unhealthy behavior is not to be found in being sure that all individual statements and behaviors are literally true, objective, legitimate, respectable, etc. The disease does not reside in individual actions and communications; but in the overall pattern of actions and communications, in the lack of balance due to exclusivity. To speak of balance suggests a reference direction such as the direction down when we speak of the physical balance of a tight rope walker. In the absence of some criteria for wise judgement the concept of balance is without power. Clearly such a criteria must be an inclusive one, rather than an exclusive criteria. The criteria must be integrative; rather than analytic. The criteria must focus upon the balance and integrity of the whole and its parts; not only upon the nature, relative value and importance of individual parts to the exclusion of others. It must show concern for relationships, as much as concern for elements and their essential characteristics. The integrity of the whole and its balance depends as much upon ACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS between elementary parts, as upon the nature of the parts and the ways in which they may relate to each other. Any criteria which systematically excludes awareness of any aspect of the whole will lead to disintegration through collusions, addictions and codependent support networks. Thus the criteria must focus as much upon patterns of ACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS, as upon the isolated individual parts and their characteristics and possible roles. The integrity of a whole community is inseparable from the integrity of the members of the community. Members of a community are not elementary parts which are devoid of structure. Members of a community are whole beings created by the community relationships, as much as they are contributors to the community as individual members of it. Members of a community may or may not have personal integrity; may or may not be whole and healthy, as mirrors of the community as a whole. The community as a whole may or may not have communal integrity; i.e., may or more not be whole and healthy, as a communal mirror of its members. A community and its members mirror each other. Any criteria which isolates any aspect of the whole and treats it as being the essence and/or most fundamental reality of which the whole is constructed, is a criteria which lacks balance and integrity. Balance cannot be judged wisely by any criteria which is exclusively concerned with: objectivity, analysis, measurement, computation, manipulation, prediction, control, achievement, propriety, conformity, consensus, agreement, legitimacy, confirmation, legality, heresy, and/or verification; for taken individually or selectively in concert they are not adequately inclusive of the whole of life. There is more to a healthy individual and community than is suggested by such criteria taken individually or collectively in some selective way. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================