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This-essay is a7311122.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One ========================================================== %PROGRAMMING 731112 It is in the nature of modern man to seek to solve problems through programming. Careful planning of procedures designed in the light of an understanding of the nature of a problem---is programming when self- consciously structured. Our institutions, for reasons of efficiency, must develop common perceptions of the nature of the problems upon which they focus; and common understandings of the procedures which members of the institution are to participate in, so as to "solve" the problem. In this context, technically trained individuals with the capacity for analysis and ensymbolment find many opportunities to do their thing. The technocratic society has developed --- as their way of doing things has become dominant. This programming instinct is most purely manifested in the use of computers. In recent years many new teachers have made extensive use of computers in systematic treatment of data pertaining to their graduate school research projects. Here the programming instinct generates extensive computer programs. In many instances the value judgments as to what research is worth doing is dependent upon available computer technology and programming possibilities. The author is very familiar with this process, having written one of the most complete computer programs for the analysis of hyperfragments at rest or in flight, with or without emission of a neutral particle. Having spent well over a man-year programming, it was natural to seek ways to program of computers to assist undergraduate physics instruction. Hundreds of programs have been written, including programs to implement on the IBM 1130 a language similar to BASIC and FORTRAN, without FORMATS on either input or output. In all, the intent has been to meet the needs of non-analytic students. Experience has in all cases indicated that the major difficulty is not at the level of technique, but in developing mutual awareness and mutual understanding. The person who is an expert at programming will almost inevitably have difficulty in communicating with persons who approach life in a state of consciousness which at a fundamental level rejects programming in the context of human relations. It is important that communication be facilitated, and this will require effort on the part of all concerned. The natural consequences of failure are too great for any people to be indifferent about them without tragic results. (c) 1999 by Paul A. Smith in GO: "Search for Integrity and Honesty" (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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