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This is a brief outline of how the current web site at came into being.

1. During a first sabbatical in 1973-1974 the first 241 essays were written and published on paper on campus only. Later they, with hundreds of essays written in following years, were made available "on reserve" in the college library in a sympathetic way at the check-out-desk. There was significant feed-back from students.

2. An bright and energetic Indian coed students volunteered to work a summer on transferring essays from paper to magnetic media, and did so. Other students succeeded her in extended conversion efforts over the following years as the number of essays continued to grow.

3. Additional students helped convert over 2,000 initial essays from paper copies to magnetic media, and to edit the hundreds of newer essays written directly onto magnetic media.

4. When many computers were installed in the college library, the on-magnetic-media essays were made available to students using those computers --- via computer programs written by the author to offer key-word-indexing and prints-outs.

5. The above essays were used to complement teaching of technical courses taught by the writer.

6. A student who helped in the above efforts, took an exploratory course on creating a public web-sites and suggested a public web site be crreated for the essays be created. That was well underway within a few months, and joint work continued during the coming years and beyond her graduation.

7. As the number of essays grew, ways have been developed to help the visitors to the new web-site --- to find essays of interest to them through the offering of supplementary web pages.

8. Home-pages and supplementary web pages have evolved in various ways which have maintained continuity wherever possible.

9. Efforts have been made to empower users to annomously make known to each other which essays they have found to be most significant and meaningful to them.

10. In April 2007 it was found that the web-site-analyzer was superior to an earlier one which did not distinguish between automatic-computer visits and visits by humans really pressing keys manually. Informations about visits has improved greatly!

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