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= discern whom we can most trust and admire in-the-long-term in GOD's PLANET-EARTH'S changing environment with finite supplies of OIL, NATURAL GAS and COAL that are being EXHAUSTED. =

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lotview         Find essays viewed a lot, to the extent that is known.

by-month Find the First-Essay of Years-and-Months from 1975 into recent months.

keywordz FIND Special-Brief-Essays written to introduce Key-Words and concepts.

lookfor.htm Key-Topics to look for with search engines focused on the web site.

essaysta.htm FIND-Essays via Word-Starts in Alphabetic-Order

essaystf.htm FIND-Essays via Word-Starts in Frequency-of-Appearance-Order

critics.htm Foci for critics to consider in open and honest dialogue with others.
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