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In traditional Non-Sustainable Life-Styles we humans have consumed Stored-Up Fossil-Fuel-Energy ( Which came from the Sun ) to Get-Tasks-Done. "Work" and "Energy" have been defined in Exclusively-Objective-Terms such as: Foot-Pounds, British-Thermal-Units, Joules and Kilowatt-Hours. Nearly the only "TASKS" that have been the foci of Public-Attention - - - have been those tasks which have been "done" in proportion to the Consumption of Fossil-Fuels like: Wood, Organic-Stuff, Oil, Natural-Gas, Grains, Meats, Coal, Methane, Hydrogen, etc. as Stored-Up-SOLAR-Energy. For any civilization to be Long-Term-Sustainable, it must focus attention upon all essential-tasks such as the Gracious-Sustainable: 1. Conservation of Healthy-Global-Ecologies, 2. Moderation of Excessive Exponential-Growth-Rates in the Consumption of Pure MATERIAL: Fossil-Fuels and Mineral-Deposits. 3. Moderation in the Consumption of UNSUSTAINABLE Luxuries for a small fraction of the Total-Global-Population. 4. Moderation in the ENDLESS Destructive Exponential-Growth-Rates of Populations and Per-Capita-Per-Year Consumption-Rates of Material-Resources. 5. Moderation/Mitigations of: Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns of Enduring-Alienations. 6. Moderation/Mitigations of: Wars, Terrors, Terrorism, Violence, Coercion, Domination, Demands, Commands. 7. Moderation/Mitigations of: Distributive-Injustice, Greed, Hoarding, Passive-Entertainments, Colonialism, Empire-Building, Empire-Maintenance, etc.
Other-Activities can sustain Civility-and-Civilization in ways that Free-Up-Stored-Up-Energy for use in doing Physical-Work as defined by Physicists. To the extent that we find ways that FREE-UP Stored-Physical-Energy that is present in such physical material resources such as: Oil, Natural-Gas, Methane, Coal, Hydrogen-Gas, etc. - - - for doing work that is ESSENTIAL-TO-SUSTAINABILITY; TO-THAT-EXTENT we have done the equivalent of Discovering and Producing additional Physical Deposits of Stored-Physical-Energy - - - such as Oil, Natural-Gas, Methane, Copal, Hydrogen-Gas, etc. See the charts that can be found in On those charts such "vitality-energy" is referenced in curves formed by letters "s" for Sustainability; rather than by asterisks "*" - - - appearing at the same scale as charts about physical stored energy consumed.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINK GRACIOUSLY-TOGETHER in SHALOM! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries DISCERNING Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY AND TO ANY LONG-TERM SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATION - - - WITHIN GOD'S Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth Traveling with one average star through the Unimaginably: VAST, COLD, COSMIC VACUUMS - - - Pervaded by Penetrating Sub-Atomic-Cosmic-Ray-Bullets traveling at near to the speed of light. Some Gracious-Humility will be in order!