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What are the actual amounts of physical-energy-use and dollar-investments that WILL-need-to-be-made-during an AS-COMFORTABLE-AS-POSSIBLE Global-Transition from our current UNSUSTAINABLE GLOBAL-LIFE-STYLE - - - to a LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL-LIFE-STYLE - - - as regards the consumption of all kinds of energy and material-resources? Below find a description of how a web site can contain web pages that interest members of God's-Crew of God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth may be able to use in coming to terms with the challenges which now confront us - - - as we become better-aware of the INEVITABLE-CHALLENGES coming - - - - during the next FORTY YEARS. It will be helpful to have available world-wide - - - a WEB-SITE at which God's Crew-Members will be free to click-on HYPER-LINKS CORRESPONDING The-Crew choosing various PERCENTAGE RATES-OF-GROWTH/YEAR and/or RATES-OF-DECLINE/YEAR - - - ranging among Plus-or-Minus: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 PERCENT/Year - - - For each of the following important Objective-Realities: For excellent presentations by Dr. Allen Bartlett on the Implications of Exponential-Growth - - - Click-on-the-Following-Link: Exponential-Growth-Implications For QUANTITATIVE-PROJECTIONS of the threats of PEAK-OIL - CLICK ON NOT FOR THE FAINT-AT-HEART or EASILY-DEPRESSED PEOPLE! <== BEWARE! IN THE FUTURE - - - While here viewing any chart of the PAST-USE-OF-ENERGY - - - YOU-MAY-SEE-APPENDED-AT-LOWER-RIGHT a "vision" of the future. You will be able to change the RATE-OF-CHANGE NOTED AT THE TOP by one click on A-TOP-PAGE web page. Each projected-vision on the web-pages linked-to from-here via-links-on numbered-lines-below - - - WILL INITIALLY be based YOUR-CHOSEN Percent-Per-Year Change-in-the-Size of the HERE DESCRIBED Objective-Reality. YOU WILL LATER BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR CHOICE, ON-EACH SUCH GRAPHED-VISION-PAGE. EACH LINE OF TEXT BELOW IS A CLICKABLE LINK! EACH LINE TEXT OF LINE BELOW IS A CLICKABLE LINK! EACH LINE OF TEXT BELOW IS A CLICKABLE LINK! 1. The Overall-Traditionally EVOLVING Global-Population-SIZE. 2. The Overall-Traditionally EVOLVING AVERAGE PER-CAPITA-PER-YEAR RATE-OF-ENERGY-CONSUMPTION ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 3. The Overall-Traditionally Evolving Rate-of-Discovery of PREVIOUSLY-UNCONFIRMED FOSSIL-FUEL-DEPOSITS EACH-YEAR -- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The Rate-of ENERGY-CONSERVATION Due to IMPROVING-EFFICIENCIES IN TECHNOLOGIES-FOR-MOVING-ENERGY from place to place ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 5. The Rate-of ENERGY-CONSERVATION Due to IMPROVING-EFFICIENCIES IN TECHNOLOGIES-FOR-CONSUMING-FOSSIL-FUELS in HEAT-ENGINES; TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 6. The Rate-of ENERGY-CONSERVATION Due to USING WASTE-HEAT-ENERGY from FOSSIL-FUEL-ENGINES - - - IN THE PLACE OF CONSUMING ADDITIONAL FOSSIL-FUELS To-DO-WORK ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN DAILY COMMUTING to and from work ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 8. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN SHOPPING TRIPS ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 9. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN VACATION TRIPS ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 10. The Rate-of USING ENERGY TO TRANSPORT-FOODS FROM HARVEST-Places to EATING-PLACES ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 11. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN THE GROWING-OF AND HARVESTING-OF PLANT-FOODS ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 12. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN The PROCESSING-OF-FOODS IN FARM-ANIMALS AND FACTORIES ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD 13. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN HEATING-AND-COOLING OF HOMES, FACTORIES, SCHOOLS, GOVERNMENTS, etc. ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 14. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN LIGHTING INTERIOR-AND-OUTSIDE-SPACES ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 15. The Rate-of USING ENERGY IN Building ADDITIONAL-TRADITIONAL: HOMES, FACTORIES, SCHOOLS, GOVERNMENTS, etc. TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16. The Rate-of-Expanding Inter-Planetary and Inter-Stellar Exploration as regards Energy-Consumption in such efforts.. 17. the Rate-of-Expanding Energy-Consumption in speeding-up transcontinental Air-Travel ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS ---- AROUND-THE-WORLD. 18. The Rate-of-Building New-and-Replacement Highways, Bridges, Railroads, Airports, Electric-Transmission-Lines, Ships ---- TO-MAXIMIZE-LONG-TERM ENERGY-SAVINGS OVERALL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19. The Overall Global-Population-SIZE AND PER-CAPITA-PER-YEAR RATE-OF-ENERGY-CONSUMPTION ---- AROUND THE WORLD; AS IN NUMBERS 1 and 2 above. 20. The Rate-of ENERGY-CONSERVATION AS IN NUMBERS 4, 5 and 6 above. 21. The Rate-of USING ENERGY AS IN NUMBERS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 above. 22. The Rate-of Replacing Non-Efficient technologies as in NUMBERS 14 and 15 above. 23. The Rate-of-Mitigating-Consumers' Life-Style-Expectations 24. The Rate-of-Mitigating-ALL-NATIONS' Rate-of-Consuming-Energy in ways related to NATIONALISTIC-MILITARY-ACTIONS-OVERALL-IN-THE-LONG-TERM 25. The Rate-of-Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts in GRACIOUS-WAYS; INCLUDING THROUGH UNITED-NATIONS'-EFFORTS 26. The Rate-of-Mitigating-Distributive-Injustice in GRACIOUS-WAYS; INCLUDING THROUGH UNITED-NATIONS'-EFFORTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINK TOGETHER in SHALOM! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS!