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KEYS ****

These essays at HAVE-NOT focused much upon:

 1. What-Alienative-Conflicts should-be-won - - - by any-particular-side and/or by-what-means;

 2. What-Alienative-Conflicts should be-lost - - - by any-particular-side and/or for what reasons;

 3. What is a correct "Position" for people on any side of any Alienative-Conflict "TO-TAKE".

 4. Who are the Best-People to be in positions of leadership and power - - - on any side of any

 5. Negations or Denigrations of any "Positions" taken by any particular persons or leaders in 
    any Alienative-Conflicts.

Instead, these essays have-offered and focused attention upon:

 1. Descriptions of Reflexive-Personal-Relationships within the context of God's Astronomically 
    Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - within Alienative-Conflicts among present:

    a. Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-for-Hope, etc.
    b. Leaders who support in-diverse-ways - - - Many-Isolated-and-Conflicting: 
       Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-for-Hope, etc.

 2. Descriptions of Possible-Ways of Encouraging and Facilitating:

    a. The Mitigation of   Our-Own   Non-Sustainable   Alienative-Conflicts within Space-Ship-Earth.

    b. The Mitigation of   Our-Own   Alienations that have been created by  Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.

 3. Long-Term-Sustainable-Principles that are central to the Mitigation of Our-Own Alienative Conflicts.

 4. The Inherent-Nature of Alienation and the Roots-of-Alienation.

 5. The Long-Term-Global-Costs of Alienative-Conflicts among all members of the Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth.


The WRITER of these essays at  majored as a college undergraduate in both philosophy and

physics; earned both a Masters-Degree and a Doctorate-Degree in aspects of Nuclear-Physics ( getting acquainted

with three top leaders in the Manhattan-Project that built the first three atomic bombs ); taught diverse

physics courses at the Undergraduate Liberal Arts Coe College during 1964-1999, where under compatriot other 
physicists' leadership - - - the world's most active undergraduate-physics-research institute has evolved.

The teaching of physics has always focused upon DESCRIPTIONS of OBJECTIVE-INTERACTION-PROCESSES that are
encompassed by the DESCRIPTIVE-LAWS and INTEGRATIVE-THEORIES that are often associated world-wide with the  following names and words:
Copernicus     Brahe      Keplar         Huygens    Newton     Gauss      Ampere        Faraday        Maxwell 

Thermodynamics Energy     Entropy        Plank      Bohr       Einstein   Atoms         Photons        Relativity  

Rutherford     Wavicles   Schroedinger   Dirac      Electric   Charges    Magnetic      Forces         Velocity 

Acceleration   Momentum   Gravity        Inertia    Net-Forces Electrons  Nuclei        Nuclear-Force  Quanta

Protons        Neutrons   Mesons         Leptons    Nutrinos   Pions      Field-Theory  Operators      Math

4D-Space-Time  General-Relativity   Anti-Particles  Bosons     Stars      Red-Giants    White-Dwarfs   Novas     

Quasars        Neutron-Starts         Black-Holes   Big-Bang-Beginning    Galaxies      Galactic-Clusters


                                       Likely-Endings Big-and-Small




Likewise, these essays focus upon Descriptions of  Reflexive-Interactions-Between  and  Relationships-Among

Human-Beings - - - that Pertain-To     Augmentations-Of    AND/OR     Mitigations-Of  Our-Own:      Polorizations

Alienations     Friendships      Dialogues          Intimacies        Cooperation    Violence       Colaboration

Integrations    Disintegrations  Misunderstandings  Ignorance         Prejudice      Addictions     Codependence

Independence    Isolations       Excommunications   Invulnerability   Vulnerability  Security       Defenses


            Open-and-Honest-Discussions of these essays will be most helpful if they focus graciously upon:

 1. The Reflexive  Accuracy and-Reliability of the Descriptions themselves.

 2. How helpful the Reflexive-Descriptions can be to True-Lovers who are seeking to Mitigate Their-Own

 3. How-Coherent the Reflexive-Descriptions themselves are.

 4. Why Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are likely to be  Troubled  by the Most-Accurate-and-Reliable
    Reflexive-Descriptions within the essays at

 5. Why True-Lovers should seek to engage with Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters in Open-and-Honest-
    Dialogues - - - within the Sanctuaries-of-Shalom  - - - about the Most-Accurate-and-Potentially-Helpful
    Reflexive-Descriptions within the essays at

 6. Why Authentic-People-of-Integrity who are Concentrating-their-Attentions upon Mitigating-Their-Own-
    Alienative-Conflicts - - - will undermine Their-Own-Such-Efforts  every-time that they do anything
    that will help, or appear to help, any person to  WIN  on-any-side  of any  Alienative-Conflict; more
    than it will help, or appear to help, any person on AN-OPPOSING-SIDE.

 7. How-Essays could be re-written to more accurately describe the realities that they attempt to describe - - -
    apart from issues of how different-people react to the presences of those-troubling-realities and those
    accurate-descriptions.  ( Readers are encouraged to re-write essays with references to the originals at
    URL addresses:  - - - where "@" is "a" or "b" and # is the sequence number
    for the essays written within a given date. )  This essay is at as it was written 
    in 2010 on July the 8th as the second essay written on that date; 2010/07/08.  The "b" stands for "20".
    An "a" would stand in place of "19".

 8. How to help people who are most troubled by the disturbing realities to which these essays point; e.g.,
    by re-writing essays to more accurately-and-helpfully speak to their-own-conditions and circumstances.
    No essay will convey the same understanding to all readers - - - because of the differences in the backgrounds
    of different readers.   The "truth" is not-in-the-text.   The "truth"  is-in  the-most-helpful-receptions of
    whatever-texts  are  most-helpfully  received-and-understood.