When we are trying to help each other to be prepared for, and involved in, helping each other to Mitigate Our Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we need to prepare to Avoid-Getting Dragged-into-Spending: our time, energy and resources - - - in very traditional-and-provincial kinds-of-activities - - - such as the following activities: =================================================================================================== 1. Debating about what are the Right-Responses to ancient traditionally contentious: questions, doctrines, dilemmas, and alienative-conflicts. 2. Drawing up summaries of the best suggested Right-Responses and the Justifications that people have offered - - - in support of the best Suggested-Right-Responses. 3. Taking-Sides in current Alienative-Conflicts; to insure that the supporters of the Right- Side of each Alienative-Conflict Win against - - -the supporters of the Wrong-Side of each Alienative-Conflict. 4. Doing Scientific-Research to determine what is the Right-Side of each Alienative-Conflict, to insure that Reliable-Objectivity - - - Will-Prevail. 5. Trying to form a Superior-Coalition to support what We-Have-Determined by the Right- People - - - to be the Right-Side of The-Most-Important-Current-Alienative-Conflicts. 6. Sharing our Superior-Opinions with News-Reporters and Editors-of-News-Suppliers - - - about other people's Inferior-Opinions regarding the Current-Alienative-Conflicts which they are featuring in their most Entertaining-Presentations-of-the Todays' Most-Important-News-Stories. 7. Giving-Generously to Tilt-the-Balance-of-Support to the Right-Side of Today's Most-Important Alienative-Conflicts. 8. Praying-to-God to give Our-Opinions about Which-Side of Each-Alienative-Conflict which God-Should-and-Must-Support. 9. Sharing with all of our friends Our-Opinions about Which-Side of Each-Alienative- Conflict God-Should-and-Must-Support. 10. If we do not do all of the above, our enemies will prevail with their Wrong-Opinions! =================================================================================================== If we succeed in doing ANY of the above, we are not likely to be trusted by ANY people who are looking for trust-worthy people who understand how to graciously help vulnerable people to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.