Some Domineering-Bullies try to spend time with True-Lovers trying to talk about what the True-Lovers HAVE-NOT-SAID and HAVE-NOT-DONE. The above efforts by Domineering-Bullies may be motivated by a felt duty to get True-Lovers to conform, to perform "mandatory-rituals", to do "what is right". The above efforts by Domineering-Bullies are not likely to do anybody any real good; because: 1. The efforts will most likely be experienced by the True-Lovers as coercive, domineering, and a waste of time. 2. The efforts will be very unlikely to help the Domineering-Bullies to understand the True-Lovers as victims. 3. We can learn far more from talking with people about what they have done and said; than from focusing their attention upon all that they have NOT done and NOT said. 4. In the extreme forms of the above objectionable behaviors - - - Domineering people are violating the spirit-of, if not the letter-of the Bill of Rights of the United-States-of-America, and of the Universal Declaration of Human-Rights of the United-Nations --- within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth.