RETURN TO recent.htm ESSAY-HYPER-LINKS TO PROMOTE-AND-FACILITATE: Integrations Integrities Reconciliations Health Balance Coherence Authenticity Cooperation Collaborations Sustainability Openness Honesty Dialogues Mutuality Endurance Hospitality Generosity Welcomes Fairness Distributive-Justice WE-MUST offer Real-and-Viable-Alternatives to ALIENATIVE: Conflicts Attacks Negativism Violence Demands Commands Laws Rules Denigrations Destruction Traps Prisons Rejections Excommunication Banishment Exclusivity Shunnings Greed Covetousness Luxuries Concentrations Wealth/Power Consumption Arrogance Egocentric Self Righteousness Egotism Superiority Purity Unity Peace Genocides Wars Terrorism Terrorists Armies Navies Air-Forces Bombs Guns ICBMS Nuclear-War Bullies Mobbing-Mobsters Revolutions Violence Goals Ideals Questions Assumptions Attitudes Convictions Doctrines Rituals Traditions WINNING-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception Winning-Conflicts Losing-Conflicts Augmenting-Conflicts ================================================================================================= NO-Alienative-Conflicts are in the Long-Term Net-Helpful to the Whole-Crew of God's Space- Ship-Earth - - - which is Astronomically-Tiny and Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial Material-Resources that are most like the Most-Coveted Terrestrial-Material-Resources now in God's-Space-Ship-Earth. There is no hope of a Re-Supply-Ship-Bringing to God's Space-Ship-Earth extra Material-Resources that will make any significant difference to us! There is no hope of US creating any Adequate Re-Supply-Space-Ship to go to get an Adequate-New-Supply of Coveted- Material-Resources. Our present Terrestrial-Material-Resources are being exhausted by patterns of Exponential- Growth in Human-Populations and in Per-Capita-Per-Year Consumption-Rates of the Rising-Tide of Domineering-Bullies with their GREEDY-LIFE-STYLES that are justified by their Economic- Theories that give no attention to all major religious traditions scriptural passages about Distributive-Justice for: Widows, Orphans, the Sick, the Dis-Eased, the Homeless, the Hungry, those Displaced-by-Wars and Terrorists and Wars-on-Terrorists, etc. Such Greedy-Domineering-Bullies are often engaged in Egocentric-Searches for the following: Salvation Heaven Security Safety Freedom Certainty Eternal-Life Immunity Unity Purity Peace Loyalty Power Wealth Perfection Absolutes More ================================================================================================ Graciously-Understood, the above texts point to many realities which we must become ready, willing and able to LET-GO-OF - - - in order for any humane civility-and-civilization to survive in any meaningful way within Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated-Space-Ship-Earth. We must shift from preoccupations with Winning-Alienative-Conflicts to Collaborating-With-Each-Other in Mitigating-All-of-our-Alienative-Conflicts. We must shift our attention in Gracious-Ways to Spectrums-of-Mutually-Supportive-Alternatives which are MORE: Civil Reconciling Integrative Authentic Robust Sustainable Hospitable Neighborly Loving Honest Sympathetic Empathetic Coherent Cooperative Collaborative Diplomatic Forgiving Inclusive TO-SURVIVE in the Meaningful-Ways of Shalom - - - we must preserve the Essential-Foundations of both Personal-and-Communal: Integrations Integrities Honesty Dialogues Authenticity Coherence Being-Together Enjoying Shalom Within Distributive Justice