RETURN TO recent.htm ESSAY-HYPER-LINKS Most of the ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS between OUR Domineering-Bullies and True-and-Healthy-Lovers - - - Are-Rooted in OUR Domineering-Bullies'-Fears Of OUR TruE-Lovers' Risky-Involvements in many Healthy-and-Integrative-Forms-of: Intimacy Cooperation Honesty Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Collaborations Sympathy Empathy Kind-and-Gracious-Sensitivity Justice-Overall Hospitality Generosity Systemic-Distributive-Justice Apologies Reconciliations Forgiveness Letting-Go-of-Domineering-Bullies'-Ways Relaxation Sleep Love Intimacies and Sexuality Authenticity Transparency Humor Mutually-Supportive-Balanced-Cooperation Diplomacy Friendships Descriptions Creative-Revelations-and-Visions Integrities Integrations Coherence Enjoying-Being-Together-in-Shalom's-Ways ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Alienations, Ignorance, Prejudices, Fears, Anxieties and related Mental-Diseases that are generated by the above ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS - - - make it exceedingly difficult for US to distinguish between health-risks-of-health-intimacies - - - and the tragic-risks which are generated by OUR Domineering-Bullies' ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS. Be-Aware and Beware of dealing with OUR Domineering-Bullies in the absence of Authentic- Efforts by US to Mitigate-Our-Own-ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS. Only OUR Simplistic-Fools dedicated to Simplistic-Alienative-Ideologies - - - will chose paths to Tragic-Consequences.