RETURN TO recent.htm ESSAY-HYPER-LINKS In their extreme ways - - - Domineering-Bullies seek to Dominate-Each-Other; and even "cooperation" is a potentially alienative tool used to gain an added measure-of- domination over whoever-becomes cooperative/vulnerable enough to take-advantage-of them. Such-Extreme-Bullies may even offer to be "cooperative" with other bullies - - - to seduce them into being cooperative/vulnerable enough - - - so that it will be safe to take-advantage-of-them! Domineering-Bullies' Offers to be cooperative - - - should be viewed with extreme suspicion! They cannot be trusted, ever! In case of any doubt, do not trust them. Trust is never prudent! In addition, within a gang of Real-Bullies the Extreme-Bullies sill suspect any bully who is seen as abandoning the Principles-of-Bullies-Life-Styles - - - and offering real traitorous offers of cooperation with True-Lovers; or even with Bullies-of-Tainted- Credentials. Real-Bullies must each day prove their Alienative-Credentials-as-Extreme- Bullies willing to sacrifice vulnerable-people without a second thought! Beware of even seeming to be "soft". Offers of true-cooperation and/or reconciliation are seen by Real-Bullies as TRAITOROUS: Acts of LETTING-GO-OF: The Domination-Gang's-Life-Style. Loyalty to the Domination-Gang. The Mobbing-Mobsters' Life-Style. Loyalty to the Mobbing-Mobsters'-Gang. Loyalty-to-Collusive-Games-of-MSD. Loyalty to the Collusive-Games-of-MSD-Team. Fear-of-People-who-May-be-Traitors. Loyalty to the Coalition-of-Paranoids-Team. Fear-of-True-Lovers-in-Shalom's-Ways. Fear-of-Mitigators-of-our-Alienative-Conflicts. ============================================================================================== Real-Domineering-Bullies have minimal, if any, concerns about - - - Over-All Long-Term Costs of Generating any kinds of ALIENATIVE: Conflicts Prejudices Biases Confusion Violence Misperceptions Fears Anxieties Crimes Injuries Diseases Tragedies Arrogance Pride Greed Covetousness Superiority Existence Technologies Egos Egocentrism Religions Idolatries Addictions Codependents Armies Police Terrorists Judges Preachers Scholars Scientists Engineers Plans Hopes Goals Armies Navies Air-Forces ICBMs Bombs Guns Marines Assassins Ideals Principles Virtues Expectations Or other Utterly-Confusing Reflexive-Relationships-of-Good-Alienation Which seem to be essential to Unilateral-Security. God-Is-In-Charge! Forget-Tomorrow! PRAY!