RETURN TO recent.htm ESSAY-HYPER-LINKS Domineering: Talk-Show-Hosts, Television-News-Entertainers, and Gossip-Hosts often ask Alienative-Questions which are: 1. Mis-Leading and Biased in Arrogant-Ways, 2. Loaded with Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, 3. Intent on Helping People to Win-Their-Alienative-Conflicts. It is often impossible to respond to such Mis-Leading-Questions with integrity; without responding-first with an accurate analysis of the many ways in which the questions asked (within-the-context-where-they-are-asked) - - - require an accurate analysis of how it is that they are Alienative-Questions that are: 1. Coercive, 2. Misleading, 3. Biased, 4. Loaded with Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, 5. Showing disrespect toward the person being interviewed, 6. Perhaps violations of people's Constitutional-Rights and Global-Human-Rights. In extreme cases - - - the most appropriate response to the interviewer - - - may be to Graciously-Ask the interviewer to apologize for crossing the line of humane-civility; and to allow time to give an analysis regarding the above - - - without interruption! Respondents to Legitimate-Interviewers Must-be-Free to respond within-the-context-of- their-own-ongoing-efforts to FULFILL honorable-committments made and honorable- investments made to date. Vulnerable-People's Constitutional-Rights Must-Not-Be- Threatened in ways which Make-Their-Responses be Overall-Misleading. Effective- Communication-Rights must be protected for civility and civilizations to survive! It is also possible in the above kinds of situations - - - to respond in pleasant ways with matter-of-fact-questions which reveal the absence of appropriate homework on the part of the interviewer - - - who has shown no interest in a persons' context- of-ongoing-efforts to FULFILL honorable-committments made and honorable-investments made to date. Efforts-to-coerce a change in life-style - - -need to be exposed to public view! The public needs to be accurately informed about what is happening during an interview show!