Pretentious-Alienative-Behaviors have often involved Arrogant-Statements about
Presumably-Transcendent-Realities which are Totally-Alienated from Real-Human-Experiences - - -
and which are Not-Clearly-Confirmed or Testable - - - in terms of Common-Daily-Experiences of
the Majority-of-Vulnerable-People.
Such Arrogant-Statements are often used by Domineering-Bullies in their persistent
Alienative-Efforts to sustain their Domineering-Bullies' Alienative-Conflicts with Vulnerable People who CHALLENGE Domineering-Bullies' RIGHTS TO: Concentrate more: Powers, Wealth and Influence - - - into their own hands. Be Authoratities about Transcendent-Realities and Interpreting Scriptures. Be Superior-Authorities REPRESSING: Experiences Explorations Creativity Integrations Integrities Intimacies Sexuality Creativity Cooperation Understandings Colaborations Discernment OF Alienation Separation Reprerssion Oppression Depression Excommunication Shunnings Banishments Isolations Arrogance Self-Righteousness Egocentrism Purifications Purity Disintegrations Which Must Play Central Roles In Mitigating Our Own Alienative-Conflicts For our Efforts to be Truly - - - Helpful Gracious Integrative Successful In Shalom's Many Ways of LOVE. ========================================================================== It will be rare that people who Admire, Respect, Honor, Tolerate and/or Demonstrate the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies - - - Will of their own volition, Graciously-Participate in Cooperatively Seeking Integrated-Understandings of the Roots-of-their-Own-Alienative-Behaviors-and Conflicts. They are more likely to avoid ever becoming involved in such efforts. Be-Aware and Beware! Seek to Mitigate our Alienative Conflicts!