Domineering-Bullies often Maintain that they have the Right-to-Maintain-Their-Alienative- Conflicts regarding their: Commandments, Demands and Taboos - - - and over their having the right to: 1. Be-in-Control, in Alienative-Ways 2. Concentrate Wealth-and-Powers, in Alienative-Ways 3. Use Redemptive-Violence, in Alienative-Ways 4. Use Redemptive-Excommunications, in Alienative-Ways 5. Use Redemptive-Executions, in Alienative-Ways 6. Use Redemptive-Shunnings, in Alienative-Ways 7. Use Redemptive-Alienations, in Alienative-Ways 8. Use Redemptive-Exclusivity, in Alienative-Ways 9. Use Redemptive Taboos, in Alienative-Ways 10. Play to WIN: Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception! Essential to Domineering-Bullies' Life-Styles is the Denigration-and-Elimination of True-Lovers and of Mitigators-of-Alienative: Conflicts, Violence, Excommunications, Shunnings, Alienations, Exclusivity, Taboos, and Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception! Implicit in the above claimed-rights of Domineering-Bullies - - - Are Their "rights" to: 1. Demand and Command others to support their: Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles, Hopes, Aspirations, Expectations, etc. - - - OR-ELSE! 2. Restrict other People's Constitutional-Rights to Describe-Openly-and-Honestly the Alienative-Consequences of Domineering-Bullies': Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles, Hopes, Aspirations, Expectations, etc. - - - OR-ELSE! ============================================================================================= It is true that there are risks involved in being a participant in intimate personal relationships - - - to the extent that the relationships are truly: open, honest, reflexive, personal and possibly sexual in nature. However, it is even more risky to grant Domineering-Bullies the: Authority, Power, Duty, or Right to play any role in regulating intimate relationships by: A. Setting-Standards, B. Writing Rules and/or Regulations - - or Interpreting them, C. Writing Commandments and/or Laws - - or Interpreting them, D. Setting up traditional Taboos - - or Excommunicating Violators of them, E. Setting up honored traditions - - or Maintaining them, F. Policing intimate behaviors in private, G. Passing-Judgements regarding intimate behaviors, H. Imposing-Penalties regarding intimate behaviors, I. Sustaining-Conflicts regarding intimate behaviors, J. Augmenting-Conflicts and/or Alienations due to intimate behaviors. We need to engage in frequent Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the Authentic-Integrative- Benefits of Health-Intimate-Integrative-Personal-Reflexive-Relationships - - - as contrasted with the Alienative-Costs of Unhealthy-"Intimate"-Relationships-with-Bullies - - - as suggested below ON-THE-LEFT, and in contrast ON-THE-RIGHT: Humility Arrogance Honesty Pretense Kindness Violence Liberations Dominations Empathy Torture Sympathy Neglect Presence Absence Authenticity Duplicity Revelation Deception Transparency Obscurity Clarity Confusion Creativity Destruction Integrity Contentiousness Health Sickness Ease Disease Cooperation Collusions Colaboration Contestations Mutuality Contentiousness Hospitality Attacks/Defenses Reconciliations Unilateral/Victories Being-Together-in-Shalom Being-Together-in-Violence Being-Together-in-LOVE Unilateral-Victimizations Communal-Integrations Unilateral-Salvations Personal-Integrations Unilateral-Redemptions ` Balance Superiority/Purity Enough Getting-More Generosity Greed Sharing Hoarding Getting Giving We all need to evolve Broad-Consensuses about how - - - Most-Graciously-to-Help-People to Mitigate-the-Risks presented within their own Intimate-Relationships - - - while also overall Mitigating-the-Risks-Present-in-Empowering-Domineering-Bullies to play Alienative-Roles in regards to people's Intimate-Relationships. It is dangerous to believe that anyone can be truly-helpful by intruding-uninvited into Truly-Intimate Personal-Relationships. Be Aware and Beware! Arrogance-and-Self-Confidence on the part of any person or group are both dangerous in this context!